Play us out, musical tie guy


Whatever the moaning about how much more civilized and mannered and eloquent is the British House, we can at least say that our Houses is free of musical neckwear.



Play us out, musical tie guy

  1. I wonder if the libs have talking ties during Question Period here in Canada, because everytime they get up to ask a question all I hear is an accusatory statement torqued with mis-truths and half-lies masquerading as a question. Could it be?

  2. LOL well now I have ONE good thing I can say about Harper…he doesn't wear musical ties!

  3. The UK debacle must never be repeated. Perhaps the Bloc could introduce a motion to ban musical neckwear from the House of Commons on security grounds?

  4. Gotta love it. I emailed my MP a while back suggesting John Baird wear a tie with a pussycat on it to remind him to behave during QP, lol!!!

  5. You have to admit, though, that no one discusses musical ties in a more civil and eloquent manner than the British House.

  6. Are you sure you're not confusing Question Period with Tory's Member's Statements, which start 15 minutes earlier?

  7. John Baird would take it as a reminder to hiss, scratch, and spray.

    I wonder if he has found a succesor to Thatcher yet?

  8. ooooohhhhh….one said the Libs are bad, and then the other countered that the Cons are bad. OMG, this is such riveting discussion!

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