Please stop exploiting Ron Cannan


The Conservative MP rose after QP yesterday to apologize for Monday’s segue.

Mr. Speaker, I wish to apologize for any impression I may have given yesterday during statements that I was being disrespectful toward those who have suffered as a result of the tragedy that took place in Italy earlier this month. It was never my intention to show any disrespect.

As you know, Mr. Speaker, I immediately rose in the House of Commons following question period to clarify my comments but, unfortunately, as you later confirmed, you did not see me.

My personal and deepest sympathies go out to those in my community and others across Canada who have been touched by this tragedy. I would respectfully ask that this incident not be exploited further as it would only serve to prolong the pain of those who have lost loved ones.


Please stop exploiting Ron Cannan

  1. “It was never my intention to show any disrespect.”

    That’s probably true. Boorishness comes naturally to the Reformatories.

  2. Pauvre M. Cannan.

  3. at this rate there will be fewer and fewer fresh suckers to get talked into doing these…

    I can just imagine his reaction: “I wasn’t supposed to get NEGATIVE reactions to this…”

    or maybe the Italian community in his region let him know how insensitive he was?

  4. The psychology is interesting. He was already getting up to make a ridiculous point, i.e. that some random thing Ignatieff said in some random meeting was proof of a nefarious plan to raise taxes; in other words he was half-lying already. When we’re half-lying, grandstanding, making sh*t up, etc., we don’t really measure our words properly, so the “segue” from mass death to mass BS is natural. Because most of the time Tory MP’s (well, most MP’s) like Cannan don’t mean anything they say, they’re mere ciphers and yes-men. It’s like blaming a gerbil for pooping at random.

    • or a puffin

  5. So it’s really all the Speaker’s fault for not noticiing that Cannan got up to “clarify” (not apologise)?

  6. Shhhh, we are not supposed to talk about his blunders.

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