Maclean's on the Hill - The PMO, the Supreme Court and Rob Ford -

Maclean’s on the Hill – The PMO, the Supreme Court and Rob Ford

Plus temporary foreign workers and Ontario’s election



Each week, the Maclean’s politics team and Cormac MacSweeney sit down to hash out the week’s news in Ottawa. Expect incisive analysis and commentary, as well as interviews with the biggest newsmakers of the last seven days. This week, we look at the big questions of the last seven days. Why is the Prime Minister’s Office challenging the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Can the temporary foreign worker program be fixed? Why is the government accessing the personal information of Canadians? What can we expect from an election in Ontario? And is Rob Ford finally going to get the help he needs?


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Maclean’s on the Hill – The PMO, the Supreme Court and Rob Ford

  1. > This whole business of the recent attacks on the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada by our Prime Minister is unacceptable to this writer. The sequence of events when laid out on a calendar completely discredit any of the comments launched by the Mr. Harper or his PMO arm. He should retract all his statements and offer an unreserved, public apology to Chief Justice McLachlin, immediately.
    > This whole messy affair was very poorly handled right from the start. It signals that finally the time has come to change the process for appointments to our Supreme Court. There must be a complete separation of the Legislature and the Court in our Federal level. Allowing any Prime Minister to make appointments to the bench is not the way to execute this separation while filling the Supreme Court positions.
    > A completely new process has to be created and, whatever the final protocol, there has to be this separation of the political structure and the appointments to the court. While we are on this topic we may as well do the same for the Senate; further, once in the Senate members should have no party affiliation; Mr. Trudeau is on the right track with this one.