PMO: 'The allegations are about an arrangement between Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy' -

PMO: ‘The allegations are about an arrangement between Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy’

On today’s RCMP filing


A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office on today’s RCMP filing.

The allegations are about an arrangement between Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy. Because of their inappropriate actions, Mike Duffy has been suspended without pay as a Senator and Nigel Wright no longer works for the government. We have responded fully and freely to every request for assistance, including any and all documents requested.


PMO: ‘The allegations are about an arrangement between Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy’

  1. Okay then. That should do it.

  2. The more is revealed about this so-called ‘scandal’ the less of a scandal it really is.

    Without the media hype, there isn’t much of a scandal besides the fact that a CoS paid Duffy’s false expense claims back with private money. What’s the big deal??? If anything Wright did the taxpayers a favour.

    And where is the investigation about a CPC ‘secret fund’? The CBC’s Greg Weston claimed high and low that there is some kind of ‘secret fund’. Where is Greg Weston now?

    • Duffy’s expense claims were real, they were just not allowed.

      And what the problem is is spelled out in the new RCMP report.

      • So what then is the scandal???

        • I don’t get it either. What’s wrong with slipping a senator 90 grand?
          I’d like to move on to something else, but I’m just going to check with the PM first…
          OK. We’re go to go from the PM!

          • That should obviously be “good to go…”

        • Bribery is a crime, you idiot.

          • No charges have been laid, you ignorant!

          • Haha, are you for real? You asked where the “scandal” was, not anything about charges (hint: the charges are laid AFTER the investigation, so stay tuned…).

          • For months on end, you and so many others have tried to implicate PM Harper on this, and you have not been able to do that. That must be very frustrating to you.

            Read the RCMP report. It clearly states that the PM was not aware of the Wright-Duffy payment and furthermore that the PM and PMO have cooperated FULLY with the RCMP investigation. The RCMP reports says that! Go read it. There is no cover up. You only WISH for it to have been a cover-up.

            The RCMP today found your opinion to be false.

          • I said stay tuned, lady. I see people here don’t have much respect for you, and now I understand why.

          • “It clearly states that the PM was not aware of the Wright-Duffy payment”
            I haven’t read the RCMP court filing; can you please point out exactly where it says that?
            But let’s assume you are right and Harper didn’t know. First, it says that he has no control over his staff. Second, there’s a little thing called ministerial responsibility… or there used to be before the CPC took the reins. Strangely, for a bunch so obsessed with things like law and order and personal responsibility, they seem to have a hard time accepting any responsibility themselves.

          • So it’s not a scandal until proven in court to be illegal? Guess we won’t be hearing any more from you about Justin’s fees for speaking…

          • What are you claiming Wright got in exchange for this alleged bribe?

          • He was hoping to save his party (and his PM) some embarrassment…

      • Yes, and the RCMP report says that the PM was not made aware of the Wright – Duffy payment AND the RCMP report states that the PMO has fully cooperated with the RCMP investigation! The RCMP says that the PMO has fully cooperated. THAT must really tick you off, he!

        Full cooperation from Harper. You must be raving mad!

    • It’s not a scandal when the Prime Minister is directly responsible for committing a felony?

      Tell us more about how Conservatives are moral people who are tough on crime.

    • Wright admittedly conferred a benefit to Duffy, to which the Senator isn’t legally entitled, in exchange for yet to be determined expectations. Ergo, the appearance of a crime, ergo, an RCMP investigation. Documentary evidence strongly suggests that a widening circle of staffers in the PMO were at least aware of, if not complicit in arranging, this benefit.

      In most people’s lexicon, that would be a “scandal”, Francien. You clearly (to use the Cons’ favorite word these days) have a different operational definition of the word “scandal” than most other speakers of the English language.

      • So, according to you, the scandal is about Wright paying off Duffy’s debt with personal money! Ok, what Wright and Duffy did was wrong, but it was no huge scandal. No government monies were taken by Wright.

        In fact, this has always been a senate scandal, where indeed senators have taken TAXPAYERS money on claiming expenses they did not incur and so the Liberals are involved in this was well. Mac Harb, remember?

        • As I said, your definition of the word “scandal” is conveniently far more circumscribed than that of most users of the word, including those in the criminal justice system. Given the obvious diversity in our respective connotations of the word, it’s pointless discussing the whole affair.

          So, go on living in your own unique universe. Your idiosyncratic definition has little relevance for the rest of us.

          • Why don’t you want to be honest about the RCMP report? Why is it so difficult to admit that the RCMP report states that Harper was not informed on the Wright-Duffy payment, AND the RCMP report states that the PMO has FULLY cooperated in the investigation.

            It is not me who lives in an alternate universe, but you. Read what the RCMP report actually says! Try to read the REAL thing.

          • I didn’t say anything at all about Harper being informed. I mentioned the PMO. The RCMP haven’t mentioned or implicated Harper personally, nor has Wright. That’s not the concern (yet). The issue is that the whole arrangement was allegedly orchestrated by several people in his office. That’s potentially criminal conduct on the part of his own staff.

            The question becomes whether or not it’s plausible that such a known control freak and micromanager as Harper knew nothing about the conduct of a wide circle of staffers in his own office and why, when he found out about their apparent complicity, he didn’t hold them accountable (as he now brags about doing in the cases of Wright and the three allegedly offending senators).

            What’s not “honest” about that construction of the situation?

  3. Deny, Lie, Obfuscate, Distract, Conceal, Coverup, Fundraise…. Repeat

    • Or in Frencien’s case, justify.

      • Learn to spell correctly.

        The RCMP statement says that the PM had not been aware of the Wright Duffy scheme and furthermore that the PMO has cooperated FULLY with the investigation.

        What about the RCMP report do you want to ignore so that you can keep pushing your lies?

        • What about the RCMP report do YOU not understand.

          To repeat – The RCMP only confirms that Nigel Wright is “saying” that the PM was not informed. The RCMP are NOT saying they can confrim this through their own investigation.
          Since the investigation is ongoing, they could find out that he was just lying to protect the PM

  4. We will continue to insist that this has absolutely nothing to do with us, no matter how ridiculous this statement seems. We will repeat it far beyond the point of public credulity, which we recognize passed some time ago, but we will pretend it hasn’t.

    We will keep trying to sell this line that nobody’s buying in hopes that eventually it will go away. We don’t know how else to do things anymore. We remember the days in which we could answer questions and allegations simply and with candor and clarity, but we’ve been obfuscating for so long, often needlessly, that we are trapped in a prison of our own making. We’ve forgotten that there’s any other way to be.

    This keeps us awake at night sometimes. Something fundamental has changed within us, and we don’t know how to get it back. We’re scared. Please send help.

    • The RCMP reports confirms what PM Harper has said from the beginning, namely that he was not informed and that the PM and the PMO have cooperated FULLY with the investigation. Read the RCMP report and try not to be so ignorant.

      • The RCMP only confirms that Nigel Wright is “saying” that the PM was not informed. The RCMP are NOT saying they can confrim this through their own investigation.

        That could change, they could find out that Nigel Wright was lying to them to protect the PM or Nigel Wright may want to salvage what ever is left of his reputation and turn on the PM.

        The investigation is ongoing.

  5. Parliament of Canada Act

    16. (1) No member of the Senate shall receive or agree to receive any compensation, directly or indirectly, for services rendered or to be rendered to any person, either by the member or another person,

    (a) in relation to any bill, proceeding, contract, claim, controversy, charge, accusation, arrest or other matter before the Senate or the House of Commons or a committee of either House; or

    (b) for the purpose of influencing or attempting to influence any member of either House.

    Marginal note:Offence and punishment

    (2) Every member of the Senate who contravenes subsection (1) is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of not less than one thousand dollars and not more than four thousand dollars.

    Marginal note:Offering prohibited compensation

    (3) Every person who gives, offers or promises to any member of the Senate any compensation for services described in subsection (1), rendered or to be rendered, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year and to a fine of not less than five hundred dollars and not more than two thousand dollars.

    R.S., c. S-8, s. 23.

  6. “… including any and all documents requested.”

    hmm, er technically yes. Specially when you claim there aren’t any docs[emails] to find at the pmo/pco.

    • What is in it for you to keep throwing empty allegations?

      What is it about you that makes you ignorant of what the RCMP report actually states, namely that the PMO has been fully cooperative in the investigation. What part do you not understand?

      Just because you had wished for another outcome does not mean it will make it so.

      • Paul Wells: Trying to imagine a conversation where Chief of Staff tells PM, “I’m helping Duffy with his expenses” and PM doesn’t say “How?”