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Policy alert


The Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami sent a questionnaire to the five major political parties.

Four of the five have now responded.


Policy alert

  1. So the CPC didn't bother responding…

  2. As usual the Harper Cons didn't respond and also as usual, the Liberals have the only coherant (and costed) plan while the others are all "promise everything to everybody …"

  3. Steve Harper – lowering the bar. I guess it's because they asked 11 questions rather than the allotted 5.

  4. In unrelated news 4 of the 5 parties responded to the questionaire provided by Evironmental Defence regarding their platform on the environment:

    Any guesses which party did not bother responding?

  5. To the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami:

    PMO will get back to you on May 3, depending on how things go May 2.

    To a true north strong and free,
    (for)Steve H

    • Also, I have some people you should 'seriously consider' for your Board of Governors. They have experience in the "Construction industry so they can help with that whole social housing thing."

      • But no pressure or anything, okay?

  6. Questionaire for Aaron Wherry:

    would you even have brought this Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami to our attention had the CPC also responded?

    My guess is that you would not have brought it to our attention then because then nothing of interest would have been reported on.

    You are constantly on the look-out for finding ways to single out the CPC in the most negative manner. But keep doing it. The more you do so, the more votes will go in favour of a majority government.

    People are getting fed up with one sided fishing expeditions.

    I'm looking forward to the CBC's interview with Harper tonight.

    • Yes, a majority government is dependent on Aaron Wherry's blogging. You are a genius.

      • No, I would never give Wherry that much credit. But he's trying his hardest. Good for him and good for Canada when it finally gets the majority it needs.

        • Wait…the majority it needs?

          You know, when you go off the talking points like that, people might insert any old party name in there. Be careful.

          "and good for Canada when it finally gets the _________ majority it needs."

          Neat, eh? It works for everyone.

          • Yeah, I am fine with any majority government, as long as it isn't a BQ majority. Oh, wait, that would be impossible….

    • I think the Cons are making it terribly easy for anybody "to single out the CPC in the most negative manner."

    • Seriously? You're seriously arguing that the worse they are, the more people will vote for them.

      Do you really think everybody's as nasty a piece of work as yourself?

      • I was talking about a one-sided fishing expedition, Thwim, but you knew that. You just ignore any of the things I really post. You, too, are a one-sided fisherman.

        Call me nasty if you will. Such comment just proves my point all the more: you sure know how to contradict yourself ongoing. Keep up the works and a majority will follow soon.

        • The only person saying he's a one-sided fisherman is you, and what you're forgetting is that it's not like anybody's having to fish very hard to find these things.. so maybe it's not one-sided at all, maybe it's just the CPC.

          And here you are saying the more they report on how the CPC are unwilling to engage Canadians, the more Canadians will like them.

          As I said, you're a nasty piece of work.

    • In what pew is your choir seated?

  7. The Conservatives prefer the voters speculate on their policies. Sort of the "I didn't write that " approach to good governance. Steven Harper has learned the written word isn't always his best friend

    • Promises unmade are easier to keep.

  8. Harper also didn't respond to the Arts Community. I'm guessing womens groups aren't even bothering.

    • Canadians don't respond to the Art's Community.

      How many Canadians buy original art from Canadian artists?

  9. The Canadian Conference of the Arts sends questionnaire to the parties and all but one respond. If you have to follow the link to find out who didn't respond, you haven't been paying attention.

    • "Bill C-32, the latest Conservative attempt to modernize copyright, was unbalanced and unfair; a Liberal government will work with all stakeholders to ensure creators rights and their sources of revenues are protected under the Copyright Act."

      And what does such statement mean? Nothing. It means absolutely nothing.

      The Liberals answer a question by creating more question marks. What purpose does that serve? It serves no purpose other than to appease the empty mindset of the voters who want to hear empty suggestions during election campaigns.

        • lenny, do you know what's the nice thing about feeling secure about yourself?

          You won't have to resort to name calling.