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Policy alert


A collection of environmental groups surveyed the major political parties on their related policies.

Four of the five parties responded.


Policy alert

  1. Amazing how it's always the same party that has 'no response' no matter what the question.

    • Clearly, it's too many questions for them to answer all at once.

  2. Ohhh goodie…..higher gas taxes!!! Go Lieberals/Taliban Jack/Blocheads!! $3 a litre gas on 3 May…

  3. Cons are pro risking our west coast with oil tankers. B00!

  4. Great, so we have to choose environmental policy between:
    1) those who have one, but no influence;
    2) those who have one, but don't intend to follow through;
    3) those who don't have one, and intend to follow through.

  5. The CPC knows that there are no votes for them among concerned and aware environmentalists. The sad fact is that it takes a certain maturity, concern for others including future generations, and scientific understanding to become a concerned and aware person and thus an environmentalist.

    • I would argue that the CPC knows there are no votes for them among aware citizens, not just environmentalists.

  6. The cons masters told them not to respond. Thats all…

  7. Productivity tip for Aaron (and other political reporters) — program a macro to automatically enter the words "Four out of five parties responded" whenever you hit F5!