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Policy alert


The Canadian Medical Association Journal surveyed the major political parties on various matters relevant to health care.

The responses are collected here.


Policy alert

  1. Another long list of "no response" from the Conservatives.

  2. I'd say "no response" was the correct response.

    given all the groups who are trying the "gotcha" moment during a campaign, I wouldn't respond to any of them either.

    Of course the Liberals spouted off their usual platitudes without meaning any of it.

    • Actually the Liberals gave information on their home care, pharmacare and other programs and ideas.

      No response is Harper's arrogant response to most Canadians – expect so little and you will get so little.

  3. I'd say "no response" was the correct response? Are you serious? During an election? has it come down to 'keep your mouth shut, dont say a word and we might win? pitiful!!!!