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Michael Ignatieff promises pension reform.

Ignatieff says the Liberals will work with the provinces to gradually expand Canada Pension Plan benefits. He’s also promising a voluntary supplement to the CPP called the Secure Retirement Option that would let people save an extra five to 10 per cent of their pay in a CPP-backed fund. And the Liberals plan to boost the Guaranteed Income Supplement, or GIS, by $700 million a year — more than double what the Conservatives are offering.


Policy alert

  1. And the Liberals plan to boost the Guaranteed Income Supplement, or GIS, by $700 million a year — more than double what the Conservatives are offering.

    Isn't that exactly what the NDP demanded?

  2. Yep – I wasn't imagining things when I heard it on the radio earlier. It's like the the Libs and Dippers have formed a pre-election coalition, lol!!

  3. Hey, it's a good policy idea, and I don't think that most seniors will give a rat's ass as to who's idea it was first.

  4. Either that or the Liberals are shamelessly stealing key elements of the NDP platform.

    I'm sure most NDP supporters are quite familiar with this tradition. According to Liberal doctrine, one should "campaign from the left, and govern from the right", and the most effective way to "campaign from the left" is to co-opt the NDP platform in the hopes of luring NDP voters.

  5. Actually – the Libs announced the largest GIS increase in history in their 2005 budget. It's hardly anything new, let alone anything "stolen" from the NDP.

  6. Yeah, I've never understood the whole "stealing ideas" thing. If an idea is good then isn't it "agreement" rather than "stealing?" If the NDP have a good position on pensions, then why not support it?

  7. Paul Martin announced a "Canada Energy Benefit" that would pay $125 to seniors entitled to receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement in January 2006. Not quite the same thing.

  8. One of the great failings of modern politics is the failing of every party to weigh ideas on merit instead of source in an effort to deny "wins".

    So, if the NDP proposes something of value and another party takes it up I'm not going to sit here and throw a hissy fit because they did. That's actually a sign of effective governance.

  9. A Secure Retirement Option to (voluntarily) supplement the CPP…

    Can somebody introduce the Liberals to the RRSP and TFSA programs, please?

  10. The Devil is in the details. What are thr rules on withdrawal? Lumpsum, annuity, top up to the CPP.
    Taxable withdrawal? Suppose a person dies before collecting, what happens with the contribution.
    Perhaps an explanation from the Liberals is in order before making a decision.
    "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions>"

  11. However, it does leave open the question of, "Why should we elect you guys when we could just elect the guys who actually have the good ideas?

  12. Wow. Didn't know that RRSPs and TFSAs were CPP backed. Learn something new every day.

  13. That's where you highlight your own disagreements on other policy because, as they say, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  14. I think they may well be shamelessly stealing from the NDP. The good ideas. Because they are good ideas. And not only that, I think Layton is probably pleased their good ideas are being stolen.

    Because I think both Ignatieff and Layton want what's best for Canada first, what's best for themselves second (a close second, but still second).

    I mean, imagine not implementing the most brilliant of problem solving solutions for the sole reason that it did not originate with you! How selfish and egotistical would you have to be?

    Oh, right. Sorry.

  15. Wow Iggy wants to increase the Guaranteed Income Supplement by $700, million dollars.
    using the Parlimentary Budget Officer's methods. $700.000.000 X 30 years = $21,000,000,000. $21 BILLION is a whopping big promise Iggy.

  16. Their socialist stooges who once listened to hybrid stalinist Steve Harper and nearly formed a coalition with him, that's why.

  17. That's over 30 years. In 30 years time 21B will be what Harper's hate mail postage will cost…

  18. Isn't a GIS based on income only? You could own/live in a $2 million home and still collect it?

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