Politics and violence


Jonathan Kay cautions against finding too much political significance in the shooting outside the Parti Quebecois victory rally this week. Michael Den Tandt says you can’t separate politics from the crime. Montreal’s Saint Jean Baptiste Society says the English media is partly to blame.

The Globe editorial board calls the shooting “an attack on the Canadian belief in the primacy of discussion and debate.” The Montreal Gazette quotes a reader.

A letter-writer to The Gazette puts it equally eloquently: “I would propose that all Quebecers become honourary members of the Parti Québécois for a day to show solidarity and respect for the democratic principles upon which our political system functions and, I am sure, are fully espoused by the overwhelming majority of Quebecers. Our hearts go out to the families of the deceased and injured as well as to all PQ supporters, who duly elected their party to govern in Quebec. All Quebecers must denounce such acts and advance the healing process by standing together with the PQ at this critical hour.”


Politics and violence

  1. Apparently it would be clever for all of Canada to join in with the ethnic nationalists – the bigots and xenophobes who hate everyone not exactly like them and are constantly stirring up ethnic issues – in a show of unity against violence.

    Yesterday, Teitel an earnest twenty something lesbian claimed she would go straight for Clinton, a man old enough to be her grandfather, and who has been sexually harassing women for longer than Teitel alive. Today, Gregg column about how Harper Canada is just like Nazi Germany is getting positive reviews.

    If you are not a Liberal, reading Canadian msm is a lot like reading The Onion.

    • You generalize, taking isolated comments from an overwhelming 2 (two!) opinion pieces, that “reading Canadian msm is a lot like reading The Onion”

      That’s about as cogent as saying, on the basis of Tony Adams’ comments on one blog, that all people named Adams use fatuous logic when, on the available evidence, only one apparently does.

    • That’s what you got out of the Gregg column?

      • Which/where is the Gregg column?

    • The Gregg column does not say “Harper Canada is just like Nazi Germany”.

      I’m pretty sure that you actually know that, but maybe not.