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Mike Duffy’s $42,000 surprise announcement

Politics on TV: The three things you need to see


Here are the three things you should not have missed:

  1. Senator Mike Duffy repays his residency expenses
  2. Bernard Valcourt gets a new ministry
  3. Cyber-attacks on Canadian companies

Duffy’s repayment:

Power & Politics opened with the breaking news that Senator Mike Duffy was going to repay his $42,000 in claimed living expenses, claiming that the controversy had become a distraction to trying to get money for the province from ACOA. Duffy blamed the Senate rules and the “unclear” form that he filled out when claiming the expenses, and said that his retaining his Ontario health card and staying at the Inn on Great George in Charlottetown in the winter has to do with his heart condition. Later on Power Play, they aired Duffy’s interview with Steve Murphy, where he said that no Parliamentarian could meet PEI’s residency law because it calls for 183 consecutive days. Duffy also said that he has “Money in the bank of public opinion,” and that people know he wouldn’t try to “fiddle with” his expenses.

Cabinet shuffle:

After Bernard Valcourt was named the new minister of Aboriginal and Northern Affairs, Hannah Thibedeau spoke with Government House Leader Peter Van Loan, who said that Valcourt has the cabinet experience for such a complex file with many moving parts, and that they continue to move ahead with last year’s meeting on education issues, and the January 11th meeting on the treaty process. Thibedeau then spoke with AFN Saskatchewan Chief Perry Bellegarde, who also praised Valcourt’s experience and his good relations with the First Nations on the east coast, and hoped that Valcourt would have the mandate and authority to talk about Section 35 of the constitution, and the new mechanism around treaty negotiation. On Power Play, Libby Davies said they were hoping someone more senior would be appointed to the portfolio, while Caroline Bennett hoped that Valcourt would appear at committee next week to discuss the estimates.

Cyber attacks:

After CBC reported about the ten-day delay that Canada’s Cyber Incident Response Centre took with regards to an attack against a Canadian company controlling infrastructure, Thibedeau summoned an MP panel of Chris Alexander, Charmaine Borg and Francis Scarpaleggia to discuss the issue. Alexander noted the government funding for the Centre and said that while there was room for improvement, they were taking the Auditor General’s comments on board. Borg said that the Centre should operate 24/7 as hackers don’t operate during business hours, while Scarpaleggia said that the government needs to answer questions before a parliamentary committee about how the $155 million is being spent, and what kinds of plans were in place.

Worth Noting:


Mike Duffy’s $42,000 surprise announcement

  1. “I’m entitled to be a Senator.”

    Hee hee.

  2. In Mike Duffy story, Halifax reporter’s name is Steve MURPHY

    • Murphy is a talking head, he’s no “journalist”

  3. Y’know, if someone doesn’t pay $42,000 of, say, income tax with the excuse of oh, the forms were difficult, there is a possibility of hard time.

  4. Quit Mike. before you make a bigger fool of yourself. And somebody call the RCMP.

  5. He blames others, for his crimes! Where is the cons’ tough on crime agenda and austerity measures, when it comes to senators embezzling money from Canadians!? harpo is worried about people on EI defrauding us, how much did duffy steal from us?

  6. Why does Mike Duffy have such an inflated view of the opinion the public holds of him. He has stated on several occasions that Canadian people KNOW he is honest, “money in the bank of public opinion, people KNOW he wouldn’t fiddle with his expenses. Everytime he purports to speak for what others KNOW it ticks me off. What Canadians do KNOW is that he now plans to repay what he had previously claimed as legitimate expenses. That one is a fact. The rest is hogwash.

  7. He knew he didn’t qualify, he was playing the system to scoop up some extra cash. Noble intentions from a Senator?

  8. What lame excuse. It is never my fault. It is the Senate rules. First the denial. Then he claims it was his winter home. Then it was found out that it was not his winter home after all. He then claims he rents a place near the hospital. One lie after another. Finally, he decides to repay. Is that his money or he has a Conservative supporter to foot the bill?

    • Personally? I bet he’s gonna expense the payback

  9. Mike Duffy is the Porky Pig of politics