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Politics on TV: Robocalls, Warawa and drug seizures

The three things you need to see


Here are the three things you should not have missed:

  1. The Elections Canada report on misleading robocalls
  2. Mark Warawa updates the progress on his motion
  3. A new report on drug seizures at the border

Robocall report:

Power Play spoke with PostMedia columnist Stephen Maher about the Elections Canada report on misleading robocalls that was tabled this afternoon. Maher said that the report doesn’t have any information on the ongoing investigations into the robocalls, but rather that it makes recommendations on how Parliament can change the Elections Act. Those recommendations include stiffer penalties – up to $250,000 in fines or five years in jail – and the ability to compel testimony from witnesses, as Maher noted that three people in the Guelph investigation have refused to testify. As well, the report calls for proper identification on the calls, and a registry for all robocalls being made.

Muzzled MPs:

Power & Politics spoke with Conservative MP Mark Warawa, who said that the status of his motion on sex-selective abortions remains unknown because the sub-committee deciding up on its fate went in camera, and it won’t be announced until tomorrow morning. Warawa downplayed any notion that there is disunity in the caucus, and expressed his support for Harper. Hannah Thibedeau then followed up with an MP panel of Kellie Leitch, Nathan Cullen and Dominic Leblanc to discuss the freedom of MPs to speak. Leitch, after praising Harper, said that “We’re a team and there are rules of engagement for a team.” Cullen said that of course the Conservatives are muzzled, and said that his caucus’ Members’ Statements are done on a rotational basis. LeBlanc insisted that Warawa was simply using the notion of free speech to couch the fact that he is trying to bring back the abortion debate when it has already been dealt with once this session.

Drug seizures:

Power & Politics had an exclusive report on drugs that the CBSA has intercepted at the border, with a street value of over $5.5 billion since 2007, the majority at the port of Montreal, and China and Germany being two of the biggest sources. Thibedeau spoke with former RCMP Officer Gary Clement and Jean-Pierre Fortin, President of Customs and Immigration Union, where Clement said that Canada is a trans-shipping point to the US, and that a lot of what comes through the country are precursor pharmaceuticals. He also criticised the cuts to intelligence officers at CBSA in the budget. Fortin said that budget cuts are taking their toll, that CBSA doesn’t have the manpower to do an effective job, and that replacing officers with machines at automated ports won’t help. Responding to the report was an MP panel of Candice Bergen, Randall Garrison and Francis Scarpaleggia, where Bergen noted that the government had increased the number of front-line officers, said that cuts were to redundant positions, and then tested out a new anti-Justin Trudeau talking point about how he wanted to legalize marijuana. Garrison said that more front-line officers are needed to not only interdict drugs but also guns, while Scarpaleggia echoed concerns about cuts to intelligence officers, and called the promise to somehow find efficiencies a “leap of faith.”

Worth Noting:


Politics on TV: Robocalls, Warawa and drug seizures

  1. What……………………….no Harper bashing going on here yet! Surely there must be something bad within the EC report that can be traced back to Harper……………………..somehow, somewhere, some time……………………………soon, very soon,……………………(everyone must be searching their brains of how to come up with something to blame Harper for…..)

  2. How would liberals like to explain Iggy along with CBC that tax payers pay for going along with Iggy cheating in the on line polling & go caught yet nothing to my knowledge has ever been done about it, why hasn’t CBC posted news on that.Everyone that called in favor of Conservatives went automatically on favor of Liberals IGGY .


    CBC & CTV pro-Liberal bias unworthy of journalists

    I believe I speak for most Canadians, regardless of
    our political differences, that the pro-
    Liberal, pro-Ignatieff bias on both the CBC and CTV
    (and yes sometimes even the “non-
    Partisan” CPAC) could have an impact on the federal
    Of course, what that impact will be, we won’t know
    until May the 2nd. But, it could just
    as easily have a backlash against Liberals as a
    negative impact on Conservatives.
    It is not just what the reporters or news readers ask
    or say.
    It’s also what they ignore and deliberately leave out.

    For example,
    they rarely show the Prime Minister in a positive light, while they go out of
    Their way to spin what Liberal Leader Michael
    Ignatieff is doing as positive.
    As someone who spent the latter part of her working
    life in a university environment,
    I think that former professors are probably the least likely to be effective prime
    Why? Because, far too many of them are narcissistic prima donnas.
    Just ask
    anyone who has ever had to navigate a master’s or doctoral thesis “committee”
    And they will concur.
    In any event, whatever the CBC and CTV’S reasons for
    allowing their journalists to
    Be have like
    tabloid sharks; they are a disgrace to Canadian democracy and free speech.
    Peace, order and good government.
    Wouldn’t those
    principles ensure that the media, particularly the tax funded media, give
    Equal time to all the main parties?

    Plus, whatever happened to the old-fashioned notion
    of professionalism?

    Then, to top it all off, the CBC has a “Compass” poll
    program that is definitely rigged in

    Favour of the Liberal Party of Canada.

    How do I know?
    I know because I took the poll this morning.

    I answered truthfully, including giving the highest
    marks to Stephen Harper’s leadership

    Abilities and that I would prefer him as prime

    Yet, as
    readers can see in the screenshot of my results, I turned out to be a Liberal.

    What absolute nonsense. In order to be a
    Conservative, I would have had to answer in a

    Certain way — to give the highest marks to getting
    rid of the long gun registry, extending

    Funding to the
    military, increasing the involvement of the military in Afghanistan
    and be

    The least likely to agree that abortion on demand
    should be extended.

    Look, the Conservative Party of Canada is NOT a far
    right extremist party. It is a big blue

    Tent, with purple around the edges, which represents
    former PCs and red Tories like me.

    Anyway, you know what all this bias and unprofessionally

    It shows that
    the media is afraid, very afraid that the Canadian people are actually going

    To exercise
    their own judgment and elect a Conservative majority.

    Well, putting aside CTV which is a private company
    and should know better,

    The CBC is
    paid by all taxpayers.

    Where once I might have lobbied on their behalf, I
    will no longer.

    If their own self-interests are to such an extent
    that they would deliberately bias their

    Coverage, then
    they don’t deserve one cent from the public.

    All we are asking is for them to be fair and
    balanced. Isn’t that what professional?

    Journalists are supposed to do?

  3. Pierre Trudeau the destruction of Canada & we still haven’t recovered

    The disastrous Legacy of Pierre Trudeau.

    Under 2 recessions

    1981 – 1982 Interest rates sky rocketed to 18%

    1992 – 1993 Interest rates hit 22%

    Canada tumbled into 2 of the worst recessions & worst federal Budget deficits in peacetime history.

    Increased taxes.

    Bragged again as he increased welfare & socialism.

    Trudeau had so many on welfare there wasn’t enough money to pay welfare payments.

    By the time Mulroney took over Government couldn’t afford the debt payments

    Official Languages Act, 1969


    Implementation of War Measure Act, 1970 (“Just watch



    Wage and Price controls, 1975

    Official Languages Act, 1969
    Implementation of War Measure Act, 1970
    (“Just watch Me…”)

    Wage and Price controls, 1975
    Trudeau’s Liberals fulfilled expanding welfare commitments by borrowing more money.
    Interest rates hit 18-22%
    Under Trudeau, the government lost control of national finances,
    Sliding from occasional budgetary surpluses into massive deficits of
    The order of $34 billion a year.
    The national debt grew from $11.3-billion in 1968 to $128-billion in 1984.
    The annual federal deficit went from zero to $25-billion.
    Ottawa’s spending rose from 30% of Canada’s total economic output to nearly 53%; our dollar plummeted from around US$1.06 in 1970 to 66 cents today.
    To service it, Canada’s taxpayers paid $41.5-billion in interest in 1999 alone [emphasis added] — four times more, as Mr. Margolis pointed out, than they spent on national defence.

    Google about pierre trudeaus destruction to canada & debit problem u will find all of it