Preventing inquiry -

Preventing inquiry


While the Conservatives launch inquiries into the CBC and NDP, another proposal disappears.

The MPs cite the sudden end during an in camera meeting of the Government Operations and Estimates Committee last week of a motion from Liberal MP John McCallum (Markham-Unionville, Ont.) that proposed an inquiry into nearly $50-million the government spent to spruce up cities and towns in Mr. Clement’s (Parry Sound-Muskoka, Ont.) upscale cottage-country constituency for the 2010 summit of G8 leaders.

The motion disappeared after going into the secret meeting, and Mr. McCallum, along with all MPs on the committee, cannot disclose what was said or what happened to the motion while the committee doors were closed.


Preventing inquiry

  1. one can only assume it was some sort of bullying and Clement and his cronies will get away with a huge robbery. smirk and shrug, that is the way tories do stuff.

  2. Add “accountability” to the list of meaningless buzzwords.

    An absolute disgrace

  3. Hey Wherry, do your bosses at Macleans realize that once the Conservatives get rid of the CBC (Will it take two years??) they’ll be coming to your editor Mr White with a proposition, ditch Wherry or Macleans is next. 

    • Yes, Wherry must be stopped or he will bring this government down through his omnipotence!

    • I didn’t know Rogers was public property?

    • And W_B you would like such a country where the government stifles all dissent? I would think you would be advocating to keep the CBC. Just need to make it a true mouth piece of the government.

    • A rare look inside the mind of a fascist.

      • WOW. Readers. I love Wherry. I’m against putting Macleans out of business. What a bunch.
        But seriously it doesn’t matter whether it’s public or not. They have the postal rates, and will soon have total control of the CRTC..

        • Sorry, I didn’t see the /irony or /sarc tag.

  4. “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

    George Orwell – Ninteen Eightyfour

  5. “Open and accountable government.”

    Why do I even bother?  The usual suspects will excuse the hypocracy.