Primary problems


In his debut for Macleans.ca, Jeff Jedras criticizes the current clamour for open primaries.

I want to broaden the Liberal tent and make it more relevant to Canadians too. But open primaries are gimmicky and unlikely to build a lasting connection between the Liberal party and Canadians at large. I just don’t forsee a groundswell of Canadians rushing to get involved to pick the next leader of the third party. Gimmicks aren’t the way to engage people. I’d rather build a democratized party where membership matters, and encourage Canadians to join and support us for our ideas.


Primary problems

  1. Sound reasoning, but a pretty big target.

  2. I agree. Totally gimmicky and not well thought out.

  3. To play devil’s advocate:
    What is so different about this proposal then what takes place in an election? The liberals are basically proposing a sort of dry run of the leader? [However, I agree with Coyne that it should be the caucus picking the party leader…failing that OMOV is acceptable, but not preferable.]  A sort of litmus test to see that there are no more MIs foisted on the party by insiders. The danger for me[ apart from possible nobbling from competitors] is that any leader that actually catches fire[admittedly unlikely] has a sort of mandate that may clash or be at odds with his caucus…who are also elected democratically.We’ve all been crying we need more accountability from leaders and more power/influence for individual mps, right? This may give less. 
    I’m ambivalent. OTOH i see the crying need given how far the libs are behind the tories in terms of fundraising to drum up support and new blood/candidates if they widen the primary there too. OTOH it does smack at least a little of desperation. How’s that old saying go? Plan or something or other in haste,repent at leisure…there are still 4 years till the next election…provided Harper can be trusted to obey his election law[giggle]. Liberals should at least be happy the party is prepared to consider radical measures. Question is are they smart too. At least the party has triggered an internal debate.

    • Holy parenthetical thoughts Batman!

      • Sorry, i’m involved in a minor way in this process. This post would have made more sense on a liberal blog.

  4. Libs are snobs – that’s what unites them. NDP are naive, Cons are stupid – that’s all you have to believe to be a Liberal. If Libs want to rejuvenate their base, they need to make being a Liberal worthwhile. Membership has its privileges and all that.

    I like primary idea – have one Prov hold primary vote a week and leave Ont till last to build suspense. However, the only people who can participate in primaries are members of party who have renewed their membership at least once. Libs have used and abused their base for a couple of decades at least and it is time for Libs to stop constantly kicking their members in the goolies and make being a member enjoyable and rewarding.  

    I don’t follow Jedras but wasn’t he musing about running for Liberal leadership a few months ago? What happened with that. And why do we pay subsidies to one of Canada’s largest corporations to hire propagandists for one political party?  

    How many supporters of Liberal Party does Maclean’s plan to employ and does the magazine now consider itself part of the effort to revitalize Liberal Party?

  5. So, in addition to the Liberal fan boy Wherry, Macleans now has another Liberal fan boy?


    • It is just not Wherry, I honestly would not be surprised to find out all Maclean’s writers support Libs. It is astonishing how much Liberal propaganda Maclean’s publishes. 

      Wells’ and his Ignatieff has done everything right column just after election was announced, Geddes and Wherry and their fan boy reports on Iggy’s Rise Up speech, Potter getting his knickers in a twist whenever someone takes a shot at Lib leader.

      • Actually Macleans is considered a conservative right-wing magazine.

        • Any criticism of the Cons is considered left wing. There is one enemy.

      • Who did Macleans endorse, again?

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