Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's first Christmas message -

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first Christmas message

‘I wish you all a most joyous holiday season and a merry Christmas’

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with Maclean's Magazine political writer Paul Wells at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa December 16, 2015. (Photograph by Blair Gable)

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with Paul Wells at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa December 16, 2015. (Photograph by Blair Gable)

OTTAWA — In his first Christmas message as prime minister, Justin Trudeau encourages Canadians to share the spirit of the season with Syrian refugees.

He says this is a time of year celebrated by showing generosity to family and friends and trusts Canadians will do the same with Syrian refugees experiencing Canadian holidays and winter for the first time.

He says Canadian values of love, hope and compassion is what we do and who are.

The Liberals have committed to resettling 10-thousand Syrians by year end, and a further 15-thousand by the end of February.

As of the start of this week, just over 16-hundred had arrived.

Trudeau also says Canadians should take time to remember the military men and women who can’t be with their families this holiday.

He says Canadians appreciate their sacrifices.

For the record, here’s his message:

“Around the world and across Canada, Christians gather on Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This is a time when families, friends, and colleagues come together to celebrate the spirit of the season.

“Christmas is an opportunity for giving as well as receiving. Whether it is volunteering time at a local food bank, buying gifts for children in need, or opening doors to someone who may be celebrating alone, the true spirit of Christmas is about connecting with our neighbours and our community.

“This year, Canadians are welcoming thousands of Syrian refugees to our country — people who have been forced to flee their homeland due to war and conflict. I encourage all Canadians to show them a warm holiday welcome in keeping with our values of compassion, kindness, and generosity.

“From our family to yours, Sophie and I wish you all a most joyous holiday season and a merry Christmas.”


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first Christmas message

  1. The prime minister should know that “Islam” condemns Christmas celebrations , and forbids participation, in view of the facts that most Syrian refugees are “Muslim: the prime minister should
    show respect & not impose Xmas on any one that finds it offensive.

    • I do not see that the Prime minister is imposing Christmas on anyone; in fact he refers specifically to it being a Christian celebration. Mr. Rabu’s comment (political correctness run amok) is the kind of thing that leads to anti-muslim sentiment. It is okay to refer to Ramadan, but not Christmas? I think not.

      If we have reached the point where the word “Christmas” can not be spoken, then those who are offended by it have no place here. Free speech in Canada has been fought and paid for by the blood of Canadians. If any individual or group is unable to understand this basic freedom, they should be seeking to live comfortably in a place where such freedoms do not exist.

      Canada is a place where all religions can and must exist peacefully together, with respect for one another. If Mr. Rabu finds the mere mention of the word “Christmas” disturbing, I suggest that he examine whether or not he really is a Canadian.

  2. The comments on this same story on had to be shut down. The first 3-4 pages of “most-liked” comments are virulent anti-Trudeau slurs. I guess the Cons can’t think of a better way to spend their cash stash, like it’s worked before.

    • The disgruntled comments might have to do with the small number of refugees that have actually landed in Canada as apposed to what was promised during the election. People don’t like to be lied to.

  3. Funny he didn’t spend Christmas in a mosque seeing as he has his head up the Muslim peoples ass!