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‘Problematic if misused’


Former cabinet minister Chuck Strahl says the government should support the addition of asbestos to the Rotterdam Convention.

Canada has to decide if asbestos should be listed in the Rotterdam Convention as a product that is ‘flagged’ as potentially harmful. We should do that, not because chrysotile, or white, asbestos is the most dangerous (it’s not) or because it cannot be used safely in some circumstances (it can), but because importers and exporters have the right to know it can be problematic if misused.

While the government still refuses to say whether it will support the listing of asbestos, Julia Belluz takes to our new blog Science-ish to take apart the claim that chrysotile asbestos can be used safely.


‘Problematic if misused’

  1. “…problematic if misused.”The same applies to cigarettes. Scientific studies show cigarettes to be complete safe if used properly. If misused (say, by lighting the tip and inhaling the smoke), cigarettes can be “problematic” in regards to your health.

  2. It is
    shocking that Canada still exports the deadly mineral asbestos after it has
    banned the use of the material within their own country. The Prime Minister
    even removed it from his household. Inhalation of asbestos can cause lung
    cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis among other diseases. Hopefully this
    practice is stopped soon to prevent further exposure. Regards, TM