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David Cameron and Nick Clegg have released the final draft of their joint plan for Britain.

We stood for Parliament – and for the leadership of our parties – with visions of a Britain better in every way. And we have found in this coalition that our visions are not compromised by working together; they are strengthened and enhanced. That is why this coalition has the potential for era-changing, convention-challenging, radical reform.


Programme alert

  1. Goodness, brains at work. What a difference it makes.

  2. Parlamentary democracy working. I'm jealous.

    • It's a great start anyway. Should be interesting in the next few years; time to favourite the BBC news website.

  3. How grown up

  4. Conservative response to save time. "This will never work in Canada. Everyone but Stephen Harper is a traitor. Gratuitous slap at the Liberals. Snark, snark. "

  5. Though there's a fair share of vagueries, that doc gave me a policy boner.

  6. This makes me think they're actually on to something: "We share a conviction that the days of big government are over; that centralisation and top-down control have proved a failure. We believe that the time has come to disperse power more widely in Britain today"

  7. our collectively on parliamentarians should be embarrassed in the face of this. esp our leaders.they look ridiculous by way of contrast.