Programming notes

A couple developments here at

First, our political coverage now has a new home at We’ll be building that homepage up in the weeks and months ahead.

Second, we’ve started streaming Question Period on the website each day. It too is a work in progress, but all progress is good progress.

Those features are in addition to our morning tease and our daily round-up of the political chat shows.


Programming notes

  1. Well Aaron now you have done it.

    “all progress is good progress”… so John (the Muppet) has been right all along, you are clearly a progressive.

  2. I like all the new features, but MAN, do I hate all the neverending twitter stories that I have to scroll and scroll past, and also — sorry I know you need ad revenue and subscribers, but the constant pop ups asking me to subscribe are really starting to get to me. That is all.

    • Yeah, that popup really should be limited to once per browser per day. Or something more effective such as killed with fire.

      • It’s an irritant, yes, but with the coming paywall tsunami looming
        on the horizon, a minor one.

    • Complaining about one mouse click? Sheesh.

  3. This division of labour should be interesting – if you see a political/ideological bias in some of the non-political reporting.

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