Protest music


The Liberals have released the following francophone ditty as part of a new campaign in Quebec.


Protest music

  1. Who's going to listen to a two and a half minute political jingle? Yeesh!

  2. Oui, on est plus capable …c"est claire depuis longtemps, au moins 5 ans. ;0)

  3. Protest music? I think non-Liberals would call it an attack ad, wouldn't they?

  4. This is such a brilliant, creative and refreshing video. And really catchy too. Negative while keeping it on the lighter side of things. Kudos to the Liberal team!

  5. And I thought Elections Canada must have outlawed creativity in political advertising.

  6. Not bad!

  7. I like it! Good beat, kept me tapping along.

  8. Did You?

    Yes it's my job.


  9. Oh no! There's MUSIC involved! That makes it art and culture, not an evil attack ad!

  10. No, and mostly because I don't speak french. But even if it were English, exactly where do they think this is going to get played? Are they going to buy 2:30 ad buys on radio? TV? Of course not. They're hoping with the help of folks like Wherry, that this will somehow go viral. But it won't, because it's 2:30.

  11. But still..you're talking about it. And soeone, somewhere, will get so annoyed or aggravated or amused or something that they'll post it up on their blog and say "see how stupid the liberals are?" and that little bit of regional online chatter in Quebec will more than make up for the $20 it cost to make it.

  12. Keep talking about it. Every angry post keeps it alive longer.

  13. That doesn't make any sense. Who's angry, and how is anyone "keeping it alive?"

  14. According to that logic, every political attack ad ever made pays for itself because it would have ticked some person off. That doesn't make any sense.

  15. Pay attention – he's talking about how these things spread.

  16. Hopefully the Liberals didn't spend too much of what little money they have on this effort – if so, they got their money's worth.

  17. I addressed that point specifically. Why do you have to resort to these tactics, Jan? Do you have nothing else? Are you that terrified of what others have to say?

  18. There's a difference between saying that bad financial policies will bankrupt the country and saying that spending time abroad will bankrupt the country.

  19. No you didn/t, wind-up toy. Get some new insults will ya – you're boring us to death. You're supposed to be a writer, for God's sake.

  20. Je pense que vous êtes confus. Peut-être vous devriez envoyer la vidéo à plusieurs milliers de vos amis et demandez-leur de l'expliquer. ;-)

  21. Posted on Facebook 18 hours ago, 49 likes. 307 views on youtube.
    n fr
    I won't pretend to know why but these kinds of ads are more successful in francophone cultures. Maybe we just have a lighter, bigger heart.

  22. You don't need to speak French to understand it. Clever eh? Meanwhile Bernier is crapping all over language rights. Gotta love it.

  23. Ha. Ya, I'm talking about how I didn't listen to it. Victory is yours!

  24. Tell me how I didn't. So far, all you've done is hurl personal insults in my direction, which is what you always have done.

  25. Lighter and bigger is a refreshing change.

  26. So I take it you won't be decrying the next negative Conservative ad as "bad for politics" or some other mumbo jumbo then?

  27. Very catchy! And will probably be very popular.

  28. You're not the target audience, SS.

  29. I see that the Liberal propaganda machine is out in full force. Interesting.

  30. 'Go away, fool'

  31. We're all godless socialists Dennis, as you know, and so work on Sundays.

  32. You can lash out at non-Liberals all you want. I'm not going anywhere. Thank you.

  33. ??? God, you're as off as Dennis. Maybe you should watch the video.

  34. You've been gone for years, which is why I'm not interested in your 'thots'….first OR second.

  35. Ya, we anglophones are just a bunch of bitter selfish jerks.

  36. That's what she said.

  37. How? All we've been hearing from the Liberals for the last two weeks is how the CPC negative ads are ruining our political discourse. But suddenly if the Liberals put a negative attack ad to a catchy jingle, it's alright?

  38. Then why not post any substance in reply? Crapping on people isn't an argument, Jan.

  39. "According to that logic, every political attack ad ever made pays for itself because it would have ticked some person off."

    Not every one. Only the ones that get talked about. Take those "24 hour" ads spread last week. Ticked off the masses, attracted attention, and hundreds of thousands of people who never even saw them heard about them, or saw a screen-cap of a frame or two on the news. Mission accomplished by the Conservatives on that one. They don't all work. And there's always the risk of pushing one too many buttons. "Guns in the streets" and "Is this the face of a prime minister?" come to mind.

  40. The shrieking from the media about the horrors of "attack ads"?

    crickets chirping

  41. Although, he's still talking about it, upping the comment count and increasing the google rating of this article. He's making a PR person somewhere happy.

  42. Normal political ad. Strictly on policy. No personal shots.

    You just don't know what 'pucapab' means. LOL

  43. Like prorogue,

    it's only a crime against democracy when conservatives do it.

  44. You're helping to make it more popular by posting on this topic. Google tracking, hit counts, search terms and marketing. Every extra post in this thread makes it more searchable on Google, more findable, and increases the reach on the net. Makes it more likely to attract attention. Maybe get picked up by Kady, or a blogging Tory, or column foddr for Kinsella. AndrRight on the front page of most web-news sites, even macleans, is a listing of "most commented" topics. People click there for that reason alone. Moe comments make it rank higher there.

    And sorry, you're right. "angry" was the wrong word. Evocative? With emotion? Exclamaton points?

  45. Keep going, I'm sure you'll manage to work climate change into this somehow. LOL

  46. Meanwhile, at the Quebec Liberal HQ, they're counting all the comments, and thinking "That's a good start. Nearly 40 comments on macleans, on a weekend. "

  47. You cannot possibly be arguing that one person making comments on a blog post will make this ad a huge success, can you? More likely, you don''t seem to like the fact that people are criticizing this attack ad.

  48. Now Sun News has picked it up. Dam Liberal press.

  49. If thats how it works, then this is my first and last post on this topic…. Take that Quebec Liberals !

  50. Now, that is definitely not accurate. Many members of the Liberal party are Roman Catholics.

  51. From a marketing strategy, whether an advertisement is revered or revilled, it makes no difference….just as long as it is memorable. Therefore, this ad is a winner. However, that means the Conservative Party attack ads are winners too. They have gotten the party all kinds of free press. The purpose of advertisement is to bring attention to the product and make people talk about it….they can't buy if they don't know it exists.

  52. I can't buy it from itunes yet……. :(

  53. And every other religion…as well as none.

    Cons however regard Libs as 'godless socialists'

  54. This is the perfect ad for social media. Even if you don't understand French, the images and the music will have an effect.

  55. I didn't find this ad as attack-ish as the ones the tories put out. Perhaps because this one seemed to be talking about policies more than personality. But then again my french is not very good (what does pucapab mean anyway?).

  56. It means 'fed up'

  57. Yeah, thanks a lot for that Liberals—-I may never get that catchy tune out of my head !

  58. We are finally starting to communicate.
    Humour like pucapab helps.
    A real funny and effective clip from Iggy's recent speech showed him ridiculing the cons for creating a bogey-man out of a formerly innocuous figure: the census-guy.

  59. You hope.

  60. It means useless (like most of the contributors here)

  61. Amazing how many 'x canucks' can't manage to actually leave and get on with their lives.

    You realize you're saying Harp is useless?

  62. Wow, do you spend every waking hours on here spewing Liberal garbage?

  63. Wow…do you?

  64. Obviously I do, don't you notice I post on every single blog. No wait…that's you.

    Get a life, loser.

  65. Yes, I know you do.

    However, I don't.

    I have a life thanks….and it doesn't involve light sabres and movie fantasies.

  66. No, sadly for you, yours involves spending each and everyday on the Macleans boards preaching to the Liberal choir.

    Good fun.

    Maybe you could hire someone to be your friend.

  67. He's mostly offended because the ad focuses on issues and action (lack of, see) as opposed to some fantasy-fictional storyline that only gets the stamp of approval in the darkest corners. Truth in advertising hurts, doesn't sour?

  68. you forgot to add "when conservatives do it 'badly'…"

  69. I note that when Cons don't have an argument, they attack the poster.

    Seems to be standard procedure for them

  70. This little propaganda ditty sings about how Harper threatens the rights of women, how he damaged respect for minorites and support for minorities, how he sends shivers across the singer's body whenever he talks about the death penalty.

    Its tone seems silly and upbeat, yet its content recalls the desperate bullsh*t and fearmongering that were the hallmark of Paul Martin's attack ads. Good work, Liberals!

  71. That's where I got off too. I'm no fan of Harper, of his ministers even less, but you'll never hear me argue that he imperiled women's rights and trampled on minorities. Seems to me there's more than enough real bad points about him not to need inventing any.

  72. I never have! And if the Conservatives manage to pull off an ad that is just as creative, funny and catchy, I will laud their efforts – as negative as that ad may be!

  73. Meanwhile Bernier is crapping all over language rights.

    The same language rights that many Quebec Francophones resent. I'm not sure if you live in Quebec, Jan, and I'm not saying that laws like Bill 101 are entirely despised (there's certainly some worth to them), but I know francophone parents and read about more in the news, who hate the fact that Quebec's language laws limit their rights to enroll their kids in an English school, unless they're rich (private English school) or (ironically) anglophone. The PQ is now talking about limiting parents' rights when it comes to enrolling their kids in college. It's the same laws that led at least one Qc celebrity (Jacques Villeneuve) to famously announce that some Qcers are shortsighted and can't even see beyond their own noses.

    It's dangerous to dismiss Bernier's thoughts on the issue. His sentiment resonates with some Quebecers — not all, but enough to make people like Pauline Marois of the PQ pause and reconsider extending language laws.

  74. (continued) As for Bernier's generally conservative comments, I believe Qcers are looking for a strong conservative candidate in the provincial elections, as evidenced by surveys that show Francois Legault would win an election if he formed a new right of centre party. Look for Legault to make a major announcement this spring.

    If he announces that he's starting a new party, this is one Quebecer who would likely vote for him. It wouldn't surprise me if a poll was taken among Qcers that showed Bernier's comments receiving a warm welcome from at least a portion of Qcers (maybe not the majority, but a significant number, significant enough to surprise people like Marois).

  75. Negative ad doesn't mean lies….Are the Liberals telling the truth in the ad…Did the Conservatives tell the truth in their ads…THIS is what I look at when I view these things.

  76. Lies Chet….THAT'S what I care about….negative ad or not…I want to see if they are lies…..no lies in this one Chet….

  77. I haven't even bothered to look at it, and honestly have no opinion about how you feel or don't feel. What I'm saying is that even as you criticize the ad, attack or otherwise, you contribute to spread of the ad through online search tools and marketing metrics. I'm telling you how they measure these things, not making any partisan remarks.

  78. I don't know abou that…One of the reasons I finally jumped off the Tory Train is the cutting of funding for 19 wonan's groups just before he spent over a billion on that G20 photo op….

  79. I wonder how annoyed jedi will be when he figures out he's partly responsible for this little video being picked up by Sun media and turned into a story?

  80. It got picked up by Sun media. They got their money's worth.

  81. I think that's crazy. One or two commenters will not make any difference. I think what's more likely is that you don't like this attack ad being criticized.

  82. I think that you will think whatever you need to think in order to prop up your thinking on the matter.

  83. Really badly…My 11 year old daughter asked where the PM's computer was in one ad……Too funny…

  84. There seems to be a line though…and once crossed there is no going back…re: "Is this the face of a Canadian PM"…and "guns in the street"…both went too far according to the Canadian public…backlash was pretty severe

  85. he wouldn't admit it even if he did figure it out….

  86. Well….why don't you peruse some boards that have "useful"(?) posters….it must be awfully frustrating for you…..

  87. Like context,

    it only matters when you attack conservatives.

  88. Loads of people were talking about, and still talk about, Kim Campbell's ad highlighting Chretien's facial paralysis. Don't think it helped them all that much though.

  89. Rule #3 (I think) of Wells' Rules of Politics, the party having the most fun has the momentum or will win.

    As for protest songs, here's an older one from the streets of English Canada, where I guess the English songmeisters take a more direct approach, but just as catchy:
    [youtube WebsImR8nBo&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WebsImR8nBo&feature=player_embedded youtube]

  90. You`re absolutely right ted—that little ditty is every bit as catchy as the French one.
    I would not be a bit surprised if Iggy wants to hit the old campaign bus with those two catchy tunes playing 24-7 just to keep the morale up.
    And you know those funsters on the street and the other faithful joining in, shouting out their dissatisfaction of Harper, are all former Conservative voters looking to hook up with Liberals.
    Who can blame you for being excited ?

  91. So you think one or two commenters will make this attack ad into a big success, do you? lol

  92. No, I wouldn't expect all Conservatives to hook up with the Liberals. But clearly, Harper has shown an amazing ability not to grow past his die-hard kool-aid drinking, Liberal-hating base.

    No matter what he does – lie, cheat, abuse taxpayer dollars, increase taxes, expand the size of government, create structural deficits, mismanage our finances, create record deficit after record deficit after record deficit, add 100s of billions of dollars to our debt, use government resource to promote themselves, pork galore, appointing senators (from the very first day too), allowing floor-crossers, etc etc etc – you and those like you will always devotedly ignore what Say Anything Steve does or says and support him anyway. Much like the Bloc supporters – no matter how little sense it makes and no matter how much it actually harms them, they do it anyway.

  93. ted————–So you think the best way to convert those who are devotedly supporting Harper is to spew out the empty negative rhetoric that you often repeat—-I can see how you would like the chanting and repetition in the 2 little ditties above.

    A solid principled party with well-defined, sensible, and attractive policies and a competent leader will convince Canadians to give the Liberals a chance. Until then, empty negative lists, and annoying ditties are just so much fluff.

  94. Yeah some marketing exposure you can do without. Are people laughing with you or at you sort of thing.

  95. What did you really expect CR? You might say the gensis of todays AA crap is with the hidden agenda stuff of the nineties, or even that Campbell ad. But SH had a choice, he didn't have to follow suit let alone double down – same for the libs. No-one has the courage or vision to call a halt, self limit, take a political hit for the good of our body politic – not least SH. Thus we come to this, our two principle political parties duking out. each vying to cast the vilest slurs on the other. So maybe you should climb down off'n that sanctimonious saddle and choke, with the rest of us, in the putrid muck our PPs have turned our federal scene into.

  96. Well, I can't wait for the next round of Conservative attack adds so that I can remind you of your own complicity in making them popular when you inevitably comment about how disinterested you are in these tired old tactics.

  97. Your 11 year old daughter is an idiot. LOL

  98. Harper and the cons decided to double down on the devisive negative political strategy that is now their hallmark. So setting yourself up as the guys on the higher ground when you are both in the ditch is hardly persuasive.

  99. Dennis, if i were responsible for this ad, I'd be overjoyed at your criticism. It means you're talking about it, online. There's now almost 100 comments about the story on macleans. There's a Sun media story about it. Considering it was set up as a Facebook campaign, it's likely already surpassed whatever expectations it was launched with.

    As for "one or two comments' not making a difference? Every time you comment, the presence of this one macleans story goes up in the google search rankings. Links to it become more likely to be found on the Google News page, and on dozens of english and French language news sites. It doesn't have to go "viral" to be a success. Only a few thousand people ever saw the conservative ads with the "yes yes yes" quote, but hundreds of thousands heard about them on the news. Want proof? Go type "pucapab" into google, and see what comes up for the first 5 listings. In some tiny way, you've helped make that happen.

  100. These ditties aren't intended to convert anyone. They're intended to get some of the voters who stayed home last time to come out and vote like they always have before. In the last election, the Liberals saw almost 1,000,000 traditional voters stay home. people who said "we're not gonna win, so why bother?".

    The Conservatives saw about 500,000 stay home, likely in a lot of safe ridings. If the Liberals have any hope of winning back some seats, they need to convince their people to come back to the polls. Expect to see a lot more "reminder" ads about conservative policies. If they can get enough of their traditional base to come out to vote, they may yet make the next election interesting.

    But hey, it's not like i'm a marketing expert or anything.

  101. You'd be overjoyed by one person saying something you don't like about this ad? This is absurd. It's not a serious argument. However, even if it was, so what? What do I care if this ad succeeds or not? I have some thoughts about it. Why is it so horrible for you that I express them? I think you need to take a step back from this and relax.

  102. nice?

  103. "This is absurd. It's not a serious argument."

    I've explained to you the current working theory of online marketing. I've discussed your various questions point by point. You've dismissed my logical and non-partisan explanations as absurd. As such, I hereby cease and desist attempting to explain to you the concept of marketing in a civil manner.

    It's not physically possible for you to be this stupid and still be able to cook food and find shelter. As such, I'll assume you're simply being obstinate and winding me up. So I will, in fact, step back and relax. Thanks.

  104. I'm sorry, but no serious expert on the Internet will argue that one commenter will make an ad famous.

    Furthermore, so what? Who cares what comments do to the popularity of the ad? Why can't we still talk about it? Why are you so fearful of people talking about it?

    You can lash out at me all you want. It only reflects badly on you, as well as your moniker "MostlyCivil." In other words, you're only "mostly civil" to people who agree with you. Thanks for showing up.

  105. A chive with a smile.

    You see, in Progressia,

    if you accuse someone of wanting women to suffer less rights (a horrible charge indeed, and one that is completely unfounded here),

    but you do with with a smile and with a creepy upbeat jingle,

    its not an attack ad.

    Or the shorter rule goes something like this:

    Liberals never "attack", they only tell "the truth".


  106. I am still trying to figure out why you found it necessary to insult my daughter????

  107. Where is Progressia?

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