Putting a price on carbon will apparently take away everyone and everything you love


Further to John Baird’s warning that a carbon tax “would kill and hurt Canadian families,” Christian Paradis sought this afternoon—while responding to a question about foreign investment, mind you—to clarify the extent of the destruction.

It is not a responsible approach to try to impose a $21.5 billion carbon tax on the shoulders of Canadians and to have a plan to tax everything. Everything would be lost. The economy would be lost and family would be lost.

It is a good thing Mr. Paradis avoided reading the platform he ran on in 2008 and plugged his ears when the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and successive environment ministers championed the idea of putting a price on carbon. He no doubt would’ve been horrified to know of the destruction his colleagues were openly advocating for.

Of course, it is perhaps to wonder why British Columbia and Alberta have not (as yet) been reduced to post-apocalyptic hellscapes.

Here again is a rough guide to the Conservatives’ carbon tax farce.


Putting a price on carbon will apparently take away everyone and everything you love

  1. People are made of carbon! This is a tax on babies!

  2. It has now gone past ignorance, politics, and then ideology….into sheer madness.

  3. Any policy type wonk actually have any rational idea why the CPC are continuing to run with this? Paradis’ head may be stuffed with saw dust, but the party strategists are not.
    The only obvious thing that occurs is the residual effect of endlessly branding NDPer’s as big tax fiends. But is that it? Harper’s …”it’s crazy! it’s a tax on everything!”… will not resonate again to the degree it did in 08[?] surely?

    Is there something strategic we are missing? Does this somehow prevent anyone moving the argument for a carbon tax forward, even at the cost of looking utterly moronic on an almost daily basis? Playing a long game of keep away? I’m stumped. Maybe they think the public does care for their pocket book above all other considerations – even their kids and grand kids long term future?

    • – even their kids and grand kids long term future?

      I for one am adamantly opposed to such things as carbon, and other, taxes precisely because of my grand kids long term future. A sure way to rob them of their future is to concede money to any government, Better in my pocket and under my control.

      • What about BC’s tax shift where all the revenues from the carbon tax were used to reduce other taxes?

      • Unless you’ve got some exceptional survival skills, I suspect you’d be starving in the woods without the civilized amenities brought to you by taxes.

      • You are clearly not sane.

      • Best of luck to you when the Hell’s Angels come knocking.

      • Bury your head in the sand some more. You can come up when the worst is all over i’m sure.

  4. Interesting that the jurisdictions having a jobkillingcarbontax are the ones that lead the country in job creation.

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