Question and Answer: Stephen Harper, Winnipeg


Deadline day so blogging will be sparse. Here’s an audio clip of my question to Stephen Harper at the news conference he held today in a vegetable warehouse. Also: His answer. Also: The applause, from vegetable-company employees and Conservative candidates and campaign workers, that accompanied his answer. (My question makes reference to issues discussed here.)

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Question and Answer: Stephen Harper, Winnipeg

  1. I love how he started his answer by making it clear that he wasn’t going to answer the substance of your question. Was there a chance to ask a follow-up?

  2. Who asked about the pooping puffin? Did anyone?

  3. I believe there were four questions about the foo-bird.

  4. If anyone is wondering why Harper does what he does, policy-wise, a lot of it is based on something Tom Flanagan once said …

    Conservative policy should be far enough to the right of the Liberals, so as to be clearly distinguishable from them. But not too far to the right, so as not to be seen as scary.

    This will help explain the “Turning the Corner” plan and today’s two cent cut over 4 years in diesel taxes.

    Expect more of the same for the rest of the campaign–eg. tougher on crime, but not too tough.

  5. “four questions about the foo-bird”

    Glad to hear our reporters have got their priorities straight. Canadian msm have been moaning for 2.5 years about not having enough access and this is what they ask when the do.

    You obviously missed the memo from your colleagues, Paul. Enough with the proper policy questions and more about harmless cartoons that hurt the feelings of their hero Dion.

  6. Good question, good answer. (Though, as Andrew E says, he didn’t answer your question.) Still, he seems to have his sh*t together on the issue, at least optically. I hope there’s a long segment on the various Plans in the leaders’ debate.

  7. Harper’s “I’m a fruit” line was brilliant. I wonder if/how that’ll be woven into the nightly newscasts.

  8. Thank you! Thank you for finally asking that question!. Now if someone would only ask a follow up: “Won’t the emitters pass the costs down to the consumer?”

  9. Does the Harper plan target “diesel” engines?

  10. I realise you’re still experimenting with video and audio postings, but 10.5 Mb for a 2 minute audio clip? Ouch. That’s, like, 2.5 songs on my iPod (not that I’d download your audio clip to my iPod – no offence, of course…).

  11. stephen harper.you are doing no good to one .help the old people .give them more money and give afordable houses to rent .dont just putting everything up ..put things down .more people in hospitals that we dont have to wait so long. more drs dont wait so long . get these crazy people off the streets the ones live on streets put them to work ..and for the smoking stop smoking all over gambling places bingo halls every where . take smoking right out . and hospitals drs places people that sick should not smoke .smokers should not get free phamacare .make pay there own. gets these bad dummys off the streets lock them up and throw the key away . smart
    eeen up haper. give old people more money look after them . not just the rich one get more money . do your job right and get off the pot haper . make it better for the world .. but thik hard about this harper

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