Questionable Metaphor of the Day


Courtesy of the NDP’s Thomas Mulcair.

Mr. Speaker, now that the Conservatives and the Liberals are in bed together, they have been teaching each other their tricks.

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Questionable Metaphor of the Day

  1. the NDP sound a little jealous thinking that they’ve been replaced

  2. I’ll wait for Senator Duffy’s report of who’s on, first.

  3. What the hell is it with politicians and sexual innuendo! These folks spend so much time hopping in or out of bed with each other that i’m tempted to believe that the principle emotion of the house isn’t faux anger, but rather petty jealousy. it really is like HS minus the drugs – one hopes.
    Surely i’m not the only one to remember when wit was a common retort in the house. Now it rarely rises above the petty the mundane and the outright silly. Hacks or hackneyed is just about right for these guys. Is there a wit in the house?

    • Mr. Speaker, now that the Conservatives and the Liberals are in bed together, we in the NDP will now freely indulge our crackers.

      • LOL!

    • Said it before and I’ll say it again kc, wits have become twits. Must be the education system.

  4. Smut. Absolute filth.

  5. “…teaching he other there tricks…”
    Is he calling the new coallition a bunch of whores…er sex trade workers?

    • Sigh…don’t know why i have to do this?
      “…teaching the other their tricks…”

      • Humiliation now!
        “…teaching each other their tricks…”

        • what’s the difference between the 2 categories outside of price?

  6. It is nice to see Liberals and Conservatives singing Kumbaya together.

    • Warms the cockles ……

  7. If one focusses on Canadian politics, one can almost forget about all the people being laid off. Seems like a lot of the politicians have.

  8. I learned how to splank from a Dipper, and I would never have been introduced to grapple-grommetting but for a hot little BQ member. I love learning new things.

  9. I have been watching this guy and between you, me and the wall .. he has some pretty good political chops – whenever interviewed on CPAC I note that his analysis of the political sitaution is spot on for the most part and he handles himself well. I wonder if has a set of political ginzo knives that he is sharpening as Jack is getting alittle long in the tooth of late ? Especially interesting is how much Lib’s seem to dislike the NDP all of a sudden …. I think they forgot to kiss after the last coalition date!

  10. Good to see the NDP have caught on to the new spirit of non-partisanship sweeping the continent.