Quick review


Stephen Harper had nothing to say, but great production values. Stephane Dion had plenty to say, but his aides should have destroyed the tape. Jack Layton might’ve sounded most reasonable, but perhaps only by comparison. Gilles Duceppe stood in front of a Canadian flag.

Tomorrow morning it will be left to Michaelle Jean to make something of this.


Quick review

  1. Haha. Agreed. Thanks Aaron. Such strange happenings these last few days, tonight was definitely keeping pace.

  2. Pretty much sums it up.

  3. Dion keeps working his underdog image eh? It looks like the Blair Witch Project.

  4. Will someone, please, let me know what happened with the “late delivery” of the tape?

  5. The way Dion keeps popping up I fully expect him to be picking up an Oscar next year for best political short.

  6. WTF was up with the Dion tape? Usually the Liberals have a really good AV club.

  7. Dingoes ate my baby.

  8. Yeah. A lot of the usual commentators seem to be focused on style over substance. I don’t mean so much here as at The Globe and so on.. .. not that that’s shallow or anything…..

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