Races to watch — the results


Earlier today we posted a story identifying nine strategic ridings. Here are the results:

CENTRAL NOVA: Though Elizabeth May gave Peter MacKay a run for his riding during the campaign, the Tory heavyweight came away with a resounding victory.

PARKDALE-HIGHPARK: The race was too close to call until well into the evening, but Liberal Gerard Kennedy eventually edged out the NDP’s Peggy Nash.

HALTON: Conservative Lisa Raitt topped Garth Turner, the Tory-turned-Independent-turned-Liberal.

VANCOUVER CENTRE: Hedy Fry proved, once more, that she’s the giant slayer of downtown Vancouver. Tory Lorne Mayencourt did surprisingly well, placing second.

WEST N.S.: Conservative Greg Kerr successfully unseated Liberal Robert Thibault.

VAUDREUIL-SOULANGES: The Bloc’s Meili Faille roundly thumped ex-Senator Michael Fortier, the Tories’ only cabinet loss.

WESTMOUNT-VILLE MARIE: Former astronaut Marc Garneau soundly defeated the NDP’s Anne Lagacé Dowson, holding the staunchly Liberal seat.

PAPINEAU: The Trudeau legacy lives on as Justin packs his bags for Ottawa after beating Bloc incumbent Vivian Barbot.

Tory incumbent Gary Lunn was triumphant again, beating out Liberal candidate Briony Penn.

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Races to watch — the results

  1. Lunn really benefitted from vote splitting, with a few thousand voting NDP even though the candidate was withdrawn. Way to work the phones Gary.

  2. Raitt is a rising star now on the thin CON bench (but a little more talented than the previous edition), while the Liberals were within 500 votes or less in eight ridings… Good to see Fortier get his entitlements — but what is the severance package for a resigned senator/cabinet minister who loses an election? Certainly not what sitting MPs get, I hope.

  3. I hope Lisa Raitt gets in cabinet. Anyone in charge of an organization as corrupt as the Toronto Pork Authority is bound to be in a scandal before long.

  4. It may not have been important ‘strategically’ but I think the NDP victory in Edmonton-Strathcona is key – finally, Canada’s most conservative province is breaking with tradition and moving to the left.

    YAY Linda Duncan!

  5. The TPA was awe-inspiring in its arrogance.

    Raitt will fit right in in cabinet.

  6. Briory Penn really suffered from pissing off NDP voters by forcing their candidate off the ballot. Way to work the media, Penn.

    FYI – the withdrawn NDP candidate in Durham got more votes than the withdrawn candidate in Saanich…

  7. Edmonton is moving to the left. Alberta on the whole is not.

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