Radicals on film


The NDP brings the pipeline fight to YouTube.


Radicals on film

  1. Sigh….

    • Yeah that’s powerful stuff. Hard to push back against it if you’re for the pipeline. Politics, theatrics and exaggerations aside it’s essentially accurately portraying the mood and views of many in these coastal communities. They’re really worried about the overall risks…and Enbridge cannot provide the answers or the neccessay reassurance.

      • “The bitumen wants in!!!!”

        • Tough! Go to Prince Rupert. Better yet head east. BC’s not for sale!

          • So, shall I put you down as a “no” on my focus group testing of a new slogan?

          • Unequivocally.

            Try: can we please borrow your pristine coast for a generation or so? We can’t promise to not f***k it up, but we’ll do our best.

            Or: Alberta crude wants out!

          • how about “We say we’ll treat it perfectly, but we also said there was an F-35 contract for two years.”

        • Tell it to find a way to float and we’ll talk.

          • I’ll just rename it buoyant bitumen*

            *tested in Dead Sea

          • Why not. They’ve tried worse.

            Let’s take a look at how far the bitumen is prepared to bend established fact in order to get in shall we?


          • Sigh…sorry bout that – kcm2

          • Ah yes, the Playmobil version of the Douglas Channel. Did they really think they could get away with this?

          • I wouldn’t be so quick to claim nefarious motives when incompetence or naivete would suffice. I think they just don’t get it (the pr side)

          • Norman Spector on twitter claimed that this story, which appeared on the front page of the G&M first section, was G&M being sympathetic to Enbridge. I read it as you did.

            I’ve been in these types of meetings. Misunderstandings happen. The mistake was filing something (a record of the encounter) with the NEB and putting your error on record without first confirming cultural meanings/misinterpretation.

          • As understand it the other mistake was not to hire a PR firm with an established track record in BC. I heard the hired a tobacco lobbyist firm; which if true says something about their mindset right there.

            Not surprised at Spector’s take – he’s a goof.

          • Lots of lessons to be learned…

          • Apparently they have partially retracted. Leadnow sent me an email about. If i remember right they are still refusing to pull their ads.
            Apparently the story has legs[according to leadnow]. The story has appeared in the UK Guardian and Huffington post.
            These guys are so amateurish i think i might apply for the PR post myself. If i were to just hang around the community and pick up the bar tab for everyone it would probably be a more effective strategy.

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