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Rae Days return: vlogging Jason Kenney’s news conference


Here’s a little film about what we saw at the Kenney newser this afternoon (ITQ had the live blow-by-blow as it happened). Jason was going to warn us against “Stéphane Dion’s chief policy advisor.” Everyone was wondering who that could be. But I had a hunch…

[wpvideo W9CzoLNy]


Rae Days return: vlogging Jason Kenney’s news conference

  1. Why did you stop there? I was hoping to see the Quebec reporters getting their knickers in a twist about how Quebec is/isn’t a ‘tolerant’ society.

    I do enjoy these videos, get an inside peek at things we never see, and it sounds like you are going to continue making them if they are outfitting you with new video camera.

  2. There’s a glitch. We’re working on it. If you see 2:40 of video later tonight, you’ll know you have the whole masterpiece. The latest useless gimmick: the soundtrack is precisely timed to end when the video does.

  3. Fixed. A triumph of…whatever it’s a triumph of. I left the Quebec controversy out because it took place in French….Kady has the deets.

  4. It is a strange coincidence though that the day after Rae appears on the scene beside Dion, Dion refused to say that he won’t create budget deficits if he’s elected.

  5. Great video!

    Is this really the best Jason Kenney can do, performance-wise? Voice quavering, three-note octave, no hangers-on? He comes across as a kid giving his report on Methane to third-period chemistry class.

    I thought he was some kind of attack dog.

  6. What’s with the cocktail piano in the background ?

    Was Our Leader behind the curtain ?

  7. Hey, I’d be nervous and halting too if I had to deliver a load of puffin poop like Kenney had to.

  8. I thought he looked kinda worried, like he couldn’t convince himself. They know who will bear the burden of the bad economic news, the encumbent, whether deserved or not. That’s just the way it goes.

  9. That’s better. Interesting contrast between watching what seems to be rather tranquil press conference compared to Kady’s breathless reports that make it seem something exciting is happening. Not sure which medium I prefer.

  10. Hey, elevator music that continues on outside of the elevator.

  11. Friggin’ hilarious.

    The video certainly captures Kenney not appearing to believe what is coming out of his own mouth… Linking the current Liberal Party fiscal policy to the early 90s Ontario NDP, instead of the mid to late-90s Liberal Party of Chretien and Martin, certainly is a logic defying leap. Particularly given that Dion was handpicked by Chretien.

  12. “It is a strange coincidence though that the day after Rae appears on the scene beside Dion, Dion refused to say that he won’t create budget deficits if he’s elected.”

    Just a hunch–given the still unfolding economic crisis only an imbecile or a liar would promise no deficit spending.

  13. Jason Kenney is such a disingenuous person. He and his fellow Conservatives believe that if they hammer out lies and half truths in a severe tone over and over again that they will be believed by Canadians. Sad thing is, most Canadians don’t care enough about politics to research the issues. This bunch of Conservatives (not all PCs historically) consistently appeal to the worst in Canadians – refering to us as taxpayers, not citizens. They have no vision beyond scoring cheap partisan points.

  14. Yes Bridget. And Albertans LOVE them for it. Since I’m in Harper’s riding, do I even bother to vote?

  15. I guess they finally figured out a use for all those jerry-rigged graphs and glossy lists that the party printed up before the convention. What do you think they’ve got prepared for Ignatieff, who I guess will be named Dion’s ‘count chocula’?
    By the way, who’s Harper’s running mate – judging by the bad comedy the party seems to think is funny (Ritz cracker) I’d say Andrew Dice Clay has been spotted in Ottawa…

  16. I offended most by the big button on his lapel. Do they really still make those things?

    I thought the piano music added a nice “Chauncy Gardener” feel to the whole thing. Well done! More please!

  17. Well, maybe my partisan tinfoil is too tight again, but it seems to me that if the Liberals can run against the record of Mike Harris, who isn’t running, then why can’t the Conservatives run against the record of Bob Rae, who I’m pretty sure is running?

    Dion’s Walkerton comparisons were pretty widely reported. I wonder whether Kenney’s newser will be. Okay, I’m too cynical to really be wondering; but I’m always prepared to be surprised.

    The Walkerton comparison had a genuine news hook (Maple Leaf), you say? Well, we are having some financial and economic jitters. Dion has been saying Harper is threatening to take Canada into deficit. Today he added a charge that Harper is risking recession.

    Bob Rae has more than a little experience with recessions and deficits — four $10-billion deficits in a row, as a matter of fact, despite 32 tax increases. He supposedly co-wrote the platform. He’d also be in the cabinet of a Dion regime, maybe even finance minister.

    But what do Jason Kenney or I know? Safer to just ridicule us.

  18. I was actually expecting some of our lefter-leaning commenters to get furious at me for giving Jason an unmediated platform for his spiel. Which I did, jaunty music notwithstanding.

    One thing I’m learning is that, when you’re a writer, your control over tone when you’re editing video is shaky at best.

  19. I liked the piano.

  20. Why in the world do you guys show up to these things?

  21. Joan, the point of comparing Harper’s government with Harris’s is BAIRD, FLAHERTY and CLEMENT. The first two I have unending loathing for, the third I just dislike intensely. These three, along with Harris, ruined Ontario (not just financially, but in terms of trust in our government–something I’m terribly afraid we’ll never get back).

    Surely if it’s fair game to come down on Dion because he has Rae, it’s fair to do the same with Harper because of these three clowns?

  22. I said: “It is a strange coincidence though that the day after Rae appears on the scene beside Dion, Dion refused to say that he won’t create budget deficits if he’s elected.”

    Mike responds: “Just a hunch–given the still unfolding economic crisis only an imbecile or a liar would promise no deficit spending.”

    Stéphane says according to the Globe: “Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion, who this morning refused to say categorically he would never run a deficit if the economy slides, backtracked this afternoon to commit unequivocally that a Liberal government would never cause a deficit.

    I reply: I concede Mike’s point.

  23. And Paul….Kody didn’t even compliment you for your “balance”.

  24. What’s. With. Kenny’s Bill. Shatner? Routine.

    Sounds like this ‘deceptacon’ is about as natural in off-script english as Dion.

  25. Nice work, the video editing is definitely getting better. I’m looking forward to future vids!

  26. That was fun. It seems like you guys have a blast, hanging out on the front-lines of these complete snoozefests. I have no idea how you stay focused, or hold back from massive eye-rolling and note-passing in the back.

    I would be making a little talky-guy sign with my hand and flirting with Alison Crawford after no more than ten minutes.

    … I gotta get into journalism.

    Slightly more seriously, I think you’ve had a great sense of humour about the campaign so far. The blog updates haven’t been incredibly often, but they’ve been fun as hell, which is great, so thanks for keeping us from falling asleep!

  27. Just watched it again. The ending is especially good, where it’s just a lone Promethean figure silently babbling.

  28. My friends,
    Jason turned 40 yrs. OLD last May and is going through a heavy midlife crisis … so please please PLEASE cut him some slack… he needs the music to sooth his worried mind.

    Dr. Fill

  29. Boy, the energy sure has gone out of the CPC’s much-vaunted war room operation, hasn’t it.

    Unplugged from the glory of the Little Shop, it seemed as though Kenney’s battery pack was seriously depleted at the outsewt of this foray.

    By the end, I half expected a beefy workman to show up and sling a lifeless Kenney over his shoulder fireman-style to take him in for a re-charge.

    – JV

  30. So I guess the 1993 Reform Party policy manifesto for a Whiter, less gay, more Christian-y Canada is now fair game.

    This is going to be fun.