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Rallying the cause


Peggy Nash speaks to demonstrators after a rally for workers at Electro-Motive diesel in London this weekend.


Rallying the cause

  1. Starting my week with villains out of Ayn Rand novels is not pleasant.

    Surely the could have found a better spot for Peggy to stand than in front pump handles. Alcoholic union members demanding more money for less work is not great messaging.

  2. This was taken from a meet and greet that Peggy hosted after the rally – it was an extremely informal event and as a union member I take great offense to your charge of “alcohol union members demanding more money.” We were in London to demand that billion-dollar profit making corporations don’t try to cut workers wages in half – read up TonyAdams.

  3. Ouch!   
    Current hourly wage for an E-M crane operator is $34.98 + benefits – CAT offer $18 – what benefits?
    Same job with CAT (Progressive Rail) $10 – 13.00 + varying benefits, depending on what state
    Not looking good for you guys.