Random observation of an RDI watcher


Jim Flaherty’s spoken French, while still shaky, has improved faster than, say, Jim Prentice’s.


Random observation of an RDI watcher

  1. Prentice! Prentice! Prentice!

    Manley! Manley! Manley!

  2. Jim jiminey
    Jim jiminey
    Jim jim jer-oo!
    We hate those bastards in old Tory and blue

    Jim jiminey
    Jim jiminey
    Jim jim jer-oo!
    Who needs Jim Prentice when we’ve got Van

  3. Leadership challenger?

  4. I guess traders weren’t listening to Flaherty in either official language today.. as I see the TSX dropped 456 points today.

    But again, this is again ANOTHER great buying opportunity for Canadians due to this panic, according to Stephen Harper.

    Don’t worry, be happy.

  5. Hmm. If this is supposed to be about leadership rumblings, isn’t Thomas Mulcair most likely the first one to be taking down an incumbent? Really. Even Ed Broadbent didn’t get a fourth kick at the can…

  6. “Jim jiminey
    Jim jiminey
    Jim jim jer-oo!
    We hate those bastards in old Tory and blue”

    Rickity, Rickity, Rackity Roo
    High up, Sky up, Western U.
    W – E – S – T – E – R – N

  7. How are Baird and Clement? Anybody worth mentioning in BC?

  8. Oh just make the leader a Reformer like Jason Kenney and lets end this Conservative Party experiment. There is no way to put back together what Mulrooney broke in the most unfixible manner known since Humpty Dumpty had his infamous fall. Alberta can go back to thinking everyone is out to get them and blindly elect their great Reformers. The Liberals can shimmy back to the centre, the NDP can soldier on in the left. And the whole natural order of things will be restored with everyone happily bitter about the state of Canadian politics.

  9. And Kenney’s French is pretty good too. No, I’m serious.

  10. Definitely better than Flaherty, Prentice, Baird or Clement (not to mention the Stock).

  11. No Scott, lets just yell and scream and run around like headless chickens! Because it is all going to hell in a handbasket. I will feel soo much better once Dion/Jack give me a hug and a soother.
    You clowns make me sick.

  12. Would you like to know the names of the most recent three PMs who were, at one time, Minister of Finance? Martin, Turner, and R. B. Bennett. Good company!

    And with a tip o’ the hat across the pond, let’s not forget Gordon Brown.

  13. Whoops, Wikipedia just kicked my ass. Chretien was the minister of finance from 1977-79. But the only other one was Canada’s shortest-serving PM, Charles Tupper.

    Maybe Flaherty likes those odds!

  14. Actually the Conservative survivor with the best level of French will be … Maxime Bernier!

  15. Jason Cherniak: John Baird will never, NEVER run for leadership of the Conservative party. Everyone who has a clue knows why not.

  16. Tasha Kheiriddin, you heard it here first.

  17. omg … post of the day. Subtlety, Smarts, Smarm all in one.

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