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Rathgeber: ‘There is something remarkable going on’

Another backbencher speaks up


Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber writes about the rejection of Mark Warawa’s motion

Without a doubt the issue of pregnancy termination is a subject matter that makes some Members of Parliament uneasy and some leaders nervous.  But that is entirely Irrelevant.  If Members are opposed, they can vote against the Motion.  If Leaders are strongly opposed, they can attempt to whip their caucuses to do likewise.  But to essentially censor the motion out of the gate against the advice of an independent analyst is heavy handed and I would suggest contrary to the expectations of constituents who rightly believe that their MP’s have a voice and can represent them in Ottawa.

… and Mr. Warawa’s point of privilege this morning.

Neither Private Members’ Motions nor Bills or SO 31s are the prerogative of the Whips or the House Leaders; they are the prerogative of Private Members.  The Government controls so much of the Parliamentary Procedures and Calendar, it is imperative that Private Members stand firm on defending the few rights and opportunities we maintain to raise matters of importance to our constituents.

Mr. Rathgeber also talks to the CBC.

“It doesn’t really matter what your perspective is on [Motion-]408. The issue is whether or not a member of Parliament has a right to bring forward a motion that is deemed voteable by the independent expert that assessed it. And if that right is taken away, that should be a concern to Parliamentarians on all sides of the House. I believe if there is going to be any concrete change to the way this works… it’s going to require support from more than just the Conservative caucus. I think it’s going to require support from backbenchers from all sides of the house.”


Rathgeber: ‘There is something remarkable going on’

  1. It took Conservative backbench MPs this long to realise that they are expected to be trained seals?

  2. Didn’t he tell his constituents he was going to quit and sit independently or something a while ago? How’s that coming mr.-cares-about democracy?

  3. I don’t know that it’s ‘remarkable’. SoCons are determined to push their own agenda even if it ruins the party…..and anybody who keeps an eye on ‘Free Dominion’ also knows they will use any means possible. Harp kept them in line all this time by promising SoCon policy as soon as he had a majority…..well they have had for awhile now……and they want an accounting

    Warawa isn’t doing this out of any concern for democracy.

    • Maybe he isn’t concerned about democracy – but I agree with him because I am.

      • Yeah, but you are concerned about everything on the planet. Even things with no connection whatever to you.

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          • I, however, am not a Concern Troll.

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  4. Two out of three internet experts agree: Democracy is defined as “the stuff we like.” Stuff we don’t like is undemocratic, by definition.

  5. I like the independence but this it’s a bit two-faced. None of them seemed to mind when Harper promised not to reopen the abortion debate during the last campaign and won a majority, dragging a lot of these malcontents along with him. They could have put up or shut up at that time but preferred winning a seat. Guess it came at a price they didn’t like.

    • $100,000K a year is a lot of money for almost anyone, but esp. for a lot of the losers lining the government benches.

    • So unless a candidate is willing to sabotage their party’s federal campaign, they shouldn’t be allowed to speak out on issues that they disagree with their party on? Ya, some independence. I wonder how many NDP MPs disagree with the party policy on Quebec separation?

      • So unless a candidate is willing to sabotage their party’s federal campaign, they shouldn’t be allowed to speak out on issues that they disagree with their party on?

        That does appear to be the PMO’s position.

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