Reading the documents: Adventures in redaction -

Reading the documents: Adventures in redaction

Highlights from the recently released Afghan detainee documents


The Afghan detainee documents tabled last month can be viewed in their entirety here. Herein, a look at some of the noteworthy files and disclosures contained therein.

POA 0007 is an overview of the situation in Afghanistan circa 2005. It is most notable for what was previously redacted and now disclosed: references to torture, abuse and various problems with the Afghan justice system.

POA 0014, similarly, is an overview of the situation in Afghanistan circa 2006. Where redactions in the “summary” section of POA 0007 have been removed, they remain in POA 0014. But what’s behind one of these redactions seems to have been revealed four years ago by the Globe. And connecting those dots, it would seem that what has been unredacted by the panel of arbiters in POA 0007 remains redacted in POA 0014.

POA 0010 is an enlightening read: eight pages blacked out in their entirety.

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Reading the documents: Adventures in redaction

  1. Checking different versions of redacted documents seems like a pretty boring way to spend the 33rd anniversary of your birth…  

    Happy Birthday, Wherry! 

  2. Our government lies to us, tells us it is national security concerns to justify the deception. Why is no one else annoyed?

    I can’t see how anyone can reasonably complain about Wikileaks when their governments are willing to go to any length to deceive the public.

  3. Can officials be charged with anything for knowingly over-reaching their authority in redacting documents requested by a Parliamentary Commission?  Or for intentionally over-redacting an FOA request?  It seems like there are no consequences for keeping what should be open information secret from the public.  Or for keeping necessary information from fellow Privy Council members.

  4. I am glad you shared the link to the documents and files reviewed.

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