Ready and willing -

Ready and willing


A statement from the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

In March 2011, the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) provided Parliament with a report on the estimated acquisition and sustainment costs associated with Canada’s planned purchase of 65 F-35 fighter jets. Shortly thereafter, the Department of National Defence (DND) responded to the PBO report. In that response, DND claimed that the total costs associated with the F-35 program would be approximately $15 billion. However, the recent Auditor General’s report reveals that, in June 2010, DND’s true cost estimate was approximately $25 billion—representing a difference of $10 billion. The inclusion of this difference would bring DND’s cost estimate in line with that of the PBO.

The PBO remains ready and willing to serve Parliament by providing independent analysis on any new options the Government may wish to consider replacing Canada’s aging fleet of CF-18s.


Ready and willing

  1. Good for PBO: I think a public “told-ya-so” is in order. 

    But I also wonder if this means that nothing short of an audit by the AG can ever catch up with what are proven to be blatant lies.  By constantly undercutting and ignoring the PBO — which as far as I can see has strived to provide advice only to be publicly rebuffed at every step — the government implies to the bureaucrats that all the watchdogs are gutless and you can just keep lying even while caught.  As far as I can see, up and until the very moment the A-G presented, the government had no interest in checking into what opposition parties, media, comments from international colleagues, and PBO were saying.  Why would that be?  We are misled.

    • PBO has been wrong 9 of 15 times. Dont get too excited.

      • such as?

      • Yeah, you need to back that up, please.

        • PBO has been wayyy too pessimistic about fiscal maters in general.

          The recession was worse than both Flaherty and Page thought but his general disposition made him more right.

          After that the recovery and deficit were actually less of a problem than dour Page was saying so Flaherty started a winning streak in comparison.

          Of course fiscal projections are a total guessing game on a good day.

          •  Great arm waving, but you’ll have to be specific.

          •  How was he compared to “if there was going to be a recession we would have had it by now”

          • You pulled that stat out of your arse. 9/15 is awfully specific. You should be able to back it up.

          • Jim Flaherty, the DND, and Jasbir Sandhu can all verify that made up statistic.

          • I’m not backing up 9/15, didn’t make the comment. Besides its silly.

            Kevin Page has done a heck of a lot more reports than 15 in his time.

            A ratio maybe ? Is he wrong 60% of the time ?

            Define “wrong”. Nobody gets the numbers right. This is projecting the future.

            I guess the question is who’s more right or who’s more wrong. And on any given day i’d go with the government and not the PBO.

          •  Yes, we know Steeephen Steeephen he’s your man… that not in question.  
            That you have any evidence to back your assertion is what’s being questioned.

        • He might be referring to this

          • In Kevin Page’s defense, he is understaffed and has limited access to pertinent details and no authority to demand the figures.
             Given full staff and complete access, I would trust Mr Page’s numbers over Flahertys any day of the week. Kevin Page is non-partisan and Flaherty, well…. is not…. and given our experience with Jim’s accounting while in the provincial conservatives under Mike Harris, I simply have a hard time believing him. 

          • Page may be non-partisan but the opposition is not.  When he released the info on the cost of the Afgan war during the 2008 election, is was because the Libs and NDP wanted to use is against the conservatives.

            Shiela Fraser was horrified and said she would never do that, but because the PBO was a new enity, there were no actual rules to be followed.

          • Thank you kindly, john g.  I hadn’t seen it before.  Mind you, I’m not sure how anyone can pronounce the winner on the deficit reduced by 2015 when we haven’t come to 2015 yet.

          • Good example! 

  2. The Conservatives were probably just suffering from a little jet lag.

  3. When this interregnum is over with, Kevin Page should get a medal.

    • Or at least some proper funding for his department.

      • An apology from Jim Flaherty would be cheaper.

        • While we’re at it, why don’t we just wish for unicorns in our pots of gold?

      •  Well this whole thing is just ridiculous….Cons wanted this dept, and they appointed Page….but lo and behold it turns out he’s an honourable man and is doing his job without fear or favour.  So now they hate him, insult him, starve him of funds…and will get rid of him first chance they get.

        If you don’t roll over for Harper you’re gone…..and yet in spite of all that Page is serving the interests of Canada bravely and well.

        Order of Canada at the least.

  4. This is actually the best example of why we needed the Parliamentary Budget Officer and that the person in said position is actually, you know, doing his job independent of parliament! Harper reform actually working…. mind – breaking; willpower – sapped; confusion – reigning!

    9 chances out of 10 this means it’ll get shut down the first chance Harper gets.