Rebel with a cause (II)


Garth Turner closes his blog.

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Rebel with a cause (II)

  1. My heart is crying.:p

  2. Garth who?

  3. I thought what Garth was trying to do, blogging about his life as MP, was interesting in theory. But Garth was all about ‘me, me, me, me’ and navel gazing so his blog never really fulfilled its promise, I thought. And his last post is self-serving twaddle.

  4. Garth, we hardly knew ye.

    • Given the length and strength of his blogging, I hereby nominate this post for the award of “Most ironic”

      • Thanks! It’s an honour just to be nominated.

  5. One down…three hundred million to go!

  6. Geez but we treat our politicians like shit in this country. No wonder so many of them are ethically bankrupt–the few who aren’t sure learn a lesson in why that doesn’t breed success.

    Thanks for trying, Garth. I appreciated it.

  7. He says he was “dooced?”

    I looked it up and I’m still wondering why anyone would try to make a word out of it.

  8. I used to comment on Garth’s blog – “Turner Uncensored” or something similarly ironic that he called it. Actually, I and a few others who were not groupies used to take him to task over some b.s. he would write (often partisan stuff with no substance). Sure enough, one by one we were banished – blocked from not making any further comments.

    I occasionally see some of the partisans that hung out there posting over here at Macleans. Let’s just hope, for the sake of the quality of debate, it doesn’t become a landslide now that the Turner soapbax has been removed.

    Turner was interesting and novel at first (his efforts to use video interviews etc), but he became a real partisan out of desperation, I believe, when his electoral fate became apparent.

    • Actually, I and a few others who were not groupies used to take him to task over some b.s. he would write (often partisan stuff with no substance).

      I’d like to see an example of that. Most of his detractors/critics always struck me as a collection of loonies and career trolls.

      • What do you want to be the words ‘Death Watch’ will come up?

      • Go look back around the time after Flaherty killed off Income Trusts. Turner and that nutbar guy from CAITI would forever claim $35 billion permanently lost in senior’s savings – when at the time the income trust sector had almost fully recovered.

        So, against his untrue rhetoric I would present actual data from the TSX. Also, the biggest losers at the time, a good portion of the IT sector had deflated stock prices due to the collapse of gas prices – much value was recovered when the commodity prices rose. Yet, despite the facts, Turner and CAITI nutbar would travel the country spreading falsehoods.

  9. If you’re jonesing for your daily Garth, he’s still writing a daily apocalyptic blog here:

  10. I lost respect for him when he was a Mulroney acolyte.

    I began to loathe him when he started to urge families to re-mortgage their houses to get into the end of the tech bubble.

  11. During the last campaign, Garth Turner misled CPAC into doing a typical door-knocking evening but the house they went to was a relative of the campaigne organizer or the actual household of the campaign organizer – I forget which but you get the drift. When he was called to task by CPAC he got all indignant which is typical of the arrogant blowhard that he was.

    Arrogant blowhard that he was, he and Dion certainly hit it off, Dion put him in charge of Liberal media relations. Another example of lack of judgment by Stephane Dion.

    Arrogant blowhard that he was, he ended up finding his true home: The Liberal Party of Canada.

    • It’s good that your counsellor has advised you to talk about that trauma in order for you to heal and move on.

      I’m not making any progress with the psychological damage I suffered when I found out that our current Prime Minister recited a plagiarised speech in support of an illegal/immoral invasion in our temple of representative democracy.

  12. Hey Jarrid : I was watching Garth on CPAC as well when they door knocked – all I can say is good grief and maybe a good riddens as well.

  13. Check out his post-apocalyptic business venture:

  14. Thank you Lisa Raitt for having put this man out of his misery. That was a true public service.

    Ti-Guy seems a little down in the dumps about it, but aside from him and Garth’s family and friends, it is a happy day indeed to see this obnoxious self-promoter depart from the blogging world.