Redacted, unredacted, reredacted -

Redacted, unredacted, reredacted


As I have detailed at some length, there exists a 2006 field report that references the abuse of a detainee transfered by Canadian soldiers to Afghan authorities.

When the field report was released in 2007, as part of a court proceeding, the reference to “assault” was redacted. You can view that version here.

When the field report was brought to the attention of General Walter Natynczyk last December, the general released the field report without redacting the reference to “assault.” You can view that version of the field report here.

The field report is included in the documents tabled by the government today. The reference to “assault” is now, once more, redacted. You can view this version of the field report here, at page six of that file.


Redacted, unredacted, reredacted

  1. The detainee's confiscated property was also kind of interesting: stainless steel snuff box with two cigarettes (1 smoked), Oxy cold cream, Tramadol pain medicine (much like Tylenol #3), Casio silver watch, photograph, key ring, multi-coloured cap, cash (Afghani and Pakistani), and an elastic band.

  2. You may be on to something here Wherry, I think that alleged assault took place at the same time as Harper was in country, did you have the forsight to check Harpers hand for bruising, blood, unusual markings or a mean look in his eyes, you know the kind when he stares coldly at the opposition during question period.
    The cons may tell us that that poor taliban fell in the shower but we all know they take long luxurious baths, but this may be the smoking hand of Allah er…..gun that we have been fruitlessly looking for to hang something nasty on those pretenders to our throne.
    If this is true I swear I will never vote for that bloodthirsty conservative party again and will make sure I contribute excessively to the glorious liberal party, as we all know they need more than taxpayer money to survive their entitlements.
    Don't redact me bro…
    Happy April Fools Day

  3. So, which civil servant in the department is getting the can for this flip-floppery?

  4. And, what's your point Mr Wherry?
    That General Walter Natynczyk should replace Judge Iaco?
    That public servants aren't cross checking against the condition of documents released previously?

  5. Did General Walter Natynczyk threaten national security by releasing the reference to the word assault?

    No…of course not. This just confirms what was suspected all along. The reports are being censored to avoid embarassing the government rather than any legitimate security concern.

  6. Points up three things…
    1) Natynczyk has more principles and is more honest than his predecessor!
    2) That these CPC-ers are even more incometent than I thought at covering their tracks
    3) That all these games will continue until Speaker Milliken girds up his Depends (because boy is he peeing himself right now) and comes forward with his ruling… and if he blinks – all bets are off – I don't think that Black Rod will be able to enforce the two sword lengths rule for more than 30 seconds…

  7. Where in all this media/Opposition "outrage" is there any concern for our troops? There is none, in spite of the Oppositions lame comments about "this is not about supporting our troops" BS. The media and Opposition are driving this to score political points on the government. Nothing more, nothing less. Canadians have for the most part tuned it out, but the MSM, especially the CBC, just keeps it alive. Pathetic!

    • Why do you hate the troops?