Registered division


The long-gun registry splits the NDP leadership contenders.

Brian Topp, the Montreal-born Toronto union leader considered by many as a front-runner, said as prime minister, he would attempt to revive the controversial program to register all long guns … Two other urban MPs seeking to replace the late Jack Layton — Peggy Nash of Toronto and Paul Dewar of Ottawa — are also in favour of bringing back the registry…

A fourth big-city candidate, Thomas Mulcair of Montreal, said through a spokesman that he wasn’t at this point taking a position on the issue. Cullen and three other candidates — Niki Ashton of the remote Churchill riding in Manitoba; Robert Chisholm of Dartmouth, N.S.; and Martin Singh of Musquodoboit Harbour, near Halifax — said they wouldn’t bring it back.

Mr. Topp says reestablishing the registry would have to be cost effective. Ms. Nash says it would have to be less onerous. Mr. Dewar says he would register weapons “in a way that consults with stakeholders and finds solutions.”


Registered division

  1. Although I supported the registry (in part a reaction to the over-the-top, paranoid criticisms of it), I wonder why the NDP would think this would be an issue they want front and center.

    If the Conservative prison-building plans are a poor investment of money during these days of falling crime rates, perhaps additional  impositions on the public are also poorly timed.

    • I doubt that they want it front and centre either. If I parse the linked article
      correctly, they were responding to a media fishing expedition.Happens.

  2. Seems obvious that anything to do with gun control right is a tainted political well for at least a generation. (part of “The Harper Legacy!”)

    Makes me wonder what Topp is thinking in raising this. 

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