Rejected by voters, paid for by the public


Irwin Cotler notes that the Conservative candidate in his riding now works for the government.

Mr. Cotler said the Tory candidate, now employed in the office of Heritage Minister James Moore, is performing the duties of a member of Parliament. He said ex-opponent Saulie Zajdel is now offering to help municipal politicians in his Montreal riding secure federal grants and services.

“We have had information conveyed to us that, in fact, he has had meetings with mayors and councillors in this riding, in which he has held out to them that he, in the course of his work, can confer a benefit upon them,” Mr. Cotler said in his office Tuesday. “What has he been hired to do and what is he, in fact, doing? … The question is whether a defeated candidate seeks to perform the duties of an MP, as a kind of shadow MP on the public purse.”

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Rejected by voters, paid for by the public

  1. Standard government job description: ‘…and other duties as required…’

  2. This is a huge scandal in my opinion, and not an isolated one. Of course, the country will yawn. Political parties should only have access to the public purse to fund their operations when their name is CPC.

  3. Looks like the new menu is here to stay.

    Hope Canadians like the taste of shit

  4. There is a fairly long list of political staffers  let go for some indecent act only to show up in the senate or another ministry!Example , dion’s puffin ,cadman’s insurance,the “liberal’ father of a departed soldier.There is a shadow government of party hacks , accountable to no one; ” Some  animals are more equal than others”.

  5. Well since we’re headed towards ridings being represented by whomever is next on the Party list, let’s go all in and switch to straight PR!

  6. OH OH and I just heard that Dean Del Mastro is stepping down too! He’s moving to Salt Lake City and joining the Mormon church. Wonder who I will vote for in the by-election?

  7. I still don’t understand how this is legal.  A candidate loses the election, and then the government pays him to basically pretend he didn’t lose the election?

    How can it seriously be legal for the governing party to pay failed MP candidates to basically spend 4-5 years campaigning to get the job that the voters just rejected them for?  One things for sure, if you want to represent the constituents of a riding, become a Tory candidate!  With the CPC, you can apparently get a good-paying job representing the constituents of your riding whether you win the election or not!

    I can’t believe this is happening in more than one riding.  It’s perverse.

    • When not even the Chretien Liberals would have done it, you know it’spretty bad! 

      • Indeed, it is a new level of corruption.

    • ooops sorry, wrong thread, how do you delete a comment?

      Section 92 of the Elections Act states. “No person shall knowingly publish a false statement of the withdrawal of a candidate.” Unfortunately that only covers the election period.

  8. From the article:

    “It’s not every day that you have somebody from the government coming and saying, ‘Here, you want money?’” Mr. Trent said, adding that Zajdel also requested a meeting with the cities’ directors-general. “I must admit, as president, that I was a little confused as to what his role was.”The Westmount Mayor added that he was happy to learn about some of the programs, which include funds for arts, cultural spaces and museums.He didn’t think Mr. Zajdel acted inappropriately and said the government staffer did not raise partisan politics.“To call that campaigning, that’s a real stretch, again it’s not for me to run to the aid of Saulie Zajdel,” Mr. Trent said. “I think it’s a bit, really, [of] a tempest in a teapot.”

    Really???  A failed candidate for elected office is being paid by the government to go around his old riding having meetings with community groups and local elected officials and it’s not “campaigning”?  The guy who LOST the election is being paid by the federal government to arrange meetings with local mayors to essentially say to them “Here, you want money”, and nothing inappropriate is going on???This is the sort of thing that would have made Preston Manning’s head explode if Jean Chretien had been doing it.  I’ve got to hand it to the Harper Tories.  They’re really building on the legacy of the Chretien Liberals.

    • I imagine your public statements might be different if you were the mayor of Westmount, however. 

      • Maybe.

        That might depend upon how I answered the question “Here, you want money?”.

  9. Ironic that Harper still despises our parliamentary democracy despite winning his coveted majority.

    • Not really. I’ve found that most Cons don’t get irony. It’s probably more a sense of entitlement.

  10. Now,now. Maybe there wasn’t an opening at any of the interchangeable foundations,
    institutes, coalitions,federations that constitute an income support system for 
    conservative people-in-need. A guy’s gotta do sumpin’.

    • True enough. After all, not everyone gets to be put in the Senate.

  11. He must have heard the rumour that Cotler was resigning

  12. So we have Saulie Zajdel and the other puppet M.P.s being paid tax-payer salaries. We also have all the defeated candidates (Josée Verner, Larry Smith, and Fabian Mannin) named to the Senate and being paid tax-payer salaries. And we have Conservative hacks (Carolyn Stewart-Olsen, Doug Finley and Don Plett) named to the Senate and being paid with tax-payer money.

    But political parties can’t receive tax-payer dollars.

    Harper is a hypocritical snake.

    • Political parties should only get funding when they are in power and can install their re-election machine in taxpayer funded jobs.

  13. The conservatives tried something like this a few years ago in Skeena, though I don’t think the candidate was paid.  When the conservatives nominated Houston mayor Sharon Smith to run against Nathan Cullen, they set her up as, in Dick Harris’ words, the “go to person” in Skeena, claiming constituents wanted someone to speak to other than their MP.

    Even though Sharon was a friend of mine, the action was so distasteful, and Cullen’s handling of it so impressive, that I’ve been voting for Cullen ever since.

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