Remember the last time the Conservatives were eager to see Justin Trudeau embarrassed on a public stage? -

Remember the last time the Conservatives were eager to see Justin Trudeau embarrassed on a public stage?


The Conservatives are apparently eager to see Justin Trudeau testify at the natural resources committee. Keith Beardsley thinks this is a bad idea.

I bet Justin Trudeau can’t believe his good fortune. In his wildest dreams he could never have imagined that a House of Commons committee would haul him in to testify about his comments even though they had nothing to do with natural resources. He must be jumping with joy at this request to appear before the committee. The Conservatives have handed him a gift. They have validated both his and the opposition parties attack lines. What better example of a draconian government that is abusive, heavy-handed and petty could they ask for?

The Trudeau campaign responds as follows.

Even though this government doesn’t respect Parliament, we do. And once we know the details of the request, Justin is open and looks forward to having this discussion and putting forward his position on natural resources and Alberta on the record.


Remember the last time the Conservatives were eager to see Justin Trudeau embarrassed on a public stage?

  1. This was my reaction, as well.

    The Cons aimed at JT and shot themselves in the foot. Having realized this, watch the committee run out the clock before they find time to “schedule” him.

    Whoever thought this hare-brained idea up evidently forgot to consult the PMO…or, intriguingly, maybe they did.

    • Unless it actually was thought up in the PMO

      • If so, so much for their much-vaunted tactical brilliance.

      • I’m pretty sure that most, if not all, of the thinking for the conservatives caucus is done by the PMO. I don’t think that Harper would ever allow one of his MP’s to express an opinion which was not vetted by the PMO first.

  2. It’s very true that Justin could effectively highlight how this government is more interested in pursuing grudges than it is…. oh, I dunno……actually debating bills?

    The video ofMs May speaking about C45 plays right into this meme.

  3. I think he should wear coveralls, a hat on backwards, and yellow shoes.

    Being named a “natural resource” is a special occasion.

    • Nice mix!

  4. And to think I was only half serious about CPC McCarthy-ites…

    • “Are you now, or have you ever been, an Alberta-basher?”

      • If you are,we have a place for you at a committee, coming to your town soon.

  5. Calling McGuinty and Trudeau before the committee is very appropriate since the committee and the comments made by both men are in relation to our natural resources.

    Saying, as Mr.McGuinty did, that Alberta’s MP’s should leave federal politics when speaking in terms of our natural resources, is an affront to Canadian federalism.

    Saying, as Mr.Trudeau did, that Canada doesn’t work and Canada isn’t doing well when Albertans control our community and socio-democratic agenda, when it is exactly the contribution of Alberta’s resources which contribute so much to the well being of our socio-democratic agenda, including Quebec’s. Canada is doing well because of the Alberta contribution. How else to fund the $7 a day daycare program for instance, if it weren’t for (Alberta) transfer payments to Quebec?

    You never know: Trudeau may tell us that those transfer payments can easily be replaced by tapping into another rich source, now being discovered within the province of Quebec, that being the resource industry of mining for bribes. We may even find out what Quebec’s real objection is to Alberta’s oil industry making too much money, if some Quebec homegrown company can now afford at least $195 mil in bribes offered. Talk about money to burn! Talk about Quebec companies playing us for fools!

    • Sigh…Alberta does not directly transfer payments to QC you know. That’s not how equalization works.

      And while i think it’s about time the public corruption in QC was aired and tackled you might want to consider with all that money sloshing around in AB if there’s any homegrown corruption at all?

      • “Alberta does not directly transfer payments to QC you know. That’s not how equalization works.”

        Directly it may not transfer, but I am certain that Quebeckers will feel a direct impact if the transfers were to disappear. Or perhaps they want to split hairs over that one.

        Corruption in Alberta? Never said there wasn’t. So what’s Trudeau’s reason for choosing Quebec’s standards over Alberta’s? I can’t wait to hear his answer on that one. Not that I think he will tell. But still, it will be fun watching the guy finding wiggle room while sitting down this time.

        • Are you really so obtuse, so dense, that you actually believe that Trudeau was endorsing the current corruption scandals currently airing in QC?

          • Read what I write. Don’t put words in my mouth.

            Trudeau has said that Quebec values are superior and so are the PM coming from Quebec. He said Alberta values can’t make Canada work.

            So what does Trudeau mean when he talks about Quebec values versus Alberta values?

            All I am interested in is to know what values Trudeau is talking about.

          • I have read what you’ve said on this subject…over and over again. You aren’t capable of separating out the fact that he is clearly talking about what he sees as positive Quebec values[ he was pandering to a QC audience after all] and your repeated insinuation that somehow he must be responsible for the current corruption values on display as well. IOWs you are conflating his words with a current negative news story in QC. You haven’t done it here,, but you’ve done it elsewhere a number of times.
            I just don’t know if it’s your inexperience with English diction or intentional distortion.

          • Like I said . .

          • Hi EmilyTwo two

          • So what are those “positive Quebec values” he sees? Why don’t you just answer my question instead of running circles around it?

          • You continue to equate “Quebec values” with the conduct of a relatively small number of players in one sector of Quebec’s business community (construction) in one urban area (greater Montreal).

            Tell us, did you carry on like this about the “corrupt values” on the prairies when 13 out of 55 Conservative MLAs and staffers were charged with expense account fraud (some of whom served prison time) during Grant Devine’s second term, 1986–1991, in Saskatchewan?


            If not, what’s the difference between the two situations as examples of “corrupt values”?

          • You can’t fix stupid.

          • Hi EmilyTwo.

        • “So what’s Trudeau’s reason for choosing Quebec’s standards over Alberta’s? I can’t wait to hear his answer on that one. Not that I think he will tell. ”

          Er…because he wanted to pander to a home grown audience. It’s what politicians mostly do.
          And he has apologized for conflating Alberta values with the Harper govts [ which was dumb] So, you’re satisfied now i presume…not!

          • Why do you feel this need to defend JT at every turn in this conversation? Don’t you think JT can do some of the explaining for himself? (now don’t go removing any of your posts….)

          • zzzzzzzzzz

    • “Calling McGuinty and Trudeau before the committee is very appropriate
      since the committee and the comments made by both men are in relation to
      our natural resources.”

      Perfect. By all means. Bring it on. A great platform not normally afforded by this government to any voice of dissent.

      • Yes, most opponents of this government are languishing in political prisons and concentration camps. We need an Arab spring!

        • You evidently anticipate their evolution from oligarchy to totalitarian regime. Are you prescient or just privy to insider information?

    • And I’ll just bet one of your ancestors was Torquemada, right?

      • Hi EmilyOne, two, three. You are a hoot!

  6. This should be a home run for Justin.
    As an aside, will the Conservative Talking Points Marching Band (aka PPG) ever come across something that is so idiotic, non sensical, absurd and hilarious that they can’t even bother taking it seriously at all? What would be so off the radar of rationality that nobody could contain themselves long enough to even bother discussing it seriously anymore? Credit to Wherry for getting right off the bus on Carbon Tax, but this one is really weird.

  7. You would think they might have learned something after the Adam Carroll debacle what a
    complete waste of time that was to call him before a committee.

    So let’s see…we have Justin Trudeau who is a professionally trained actor…check….let’s
    give him a stage to perform on…check… let’s given him an audience that is comprised of members from the national media whom a majority of have already professed a love in for Justin…check….one CTV media reporter actually recently tweeted “Justin Trudeau can make anti-Alberta comments to me anytime”

    Whoever came up with this asinine idea deserves am embroidered pair of bad idea blue

    • One of the challenges of the conservative benches is that they are largely method actors. Whereas Baird et al have the remarkable capacity to flip on a dime wrt their strategies & attacks, those at the back are often true believers. They have been told, and repeated to each other that JT is a vacuous lightweight… an intellectual shiny pony. Of course they want a chance to show off.

      • “Oh,” say them Canadians, ” I won’t watch a show as farcical as that one!’, yet, in secret, they will enjoy every minute of it. But don’t tell anyone………..

        • I’m not sure how many Canadians will enjoy it but I suspect that, in the event, many Cons won’t.

          Is this not what marketing & communications types called “earned media” for Trudeau?

          • Agreed. Have to wonder if some belated wisdom will fall upon the Tories and they will come to their senses and end this pending Trudeau delivered media massacre before it begins…..There is absolutely zero chance of anything good to come from this for the Conservatives…..

      • They can keep on underestimating him to the cows come home as far as i’m concerned.

      • Trudeau may have been, probably has been underplaying himself all this time. He’s not just smarter than people give him credit for, he’s wilier.

  8. Cons never know when to quit…they always go over the top. Jump the shark.

    • Better than always trying to go under!

      • In showbiz (which the parliamentary theater of the absurd is), not so much. The Cons may well come to wish they’d just settled for Trudeau’s half-assed apology.

        • Well, I was referring to EmilyOne’s comment. She’s the one always trying to go under AND succeeding. Good girl EmilyOne.

  9. The Conservatives still haven’t figured out that they are the government so they need to hear from the other parties to know what (not) to say. They are the most powerful and longest serving Opposition in Canada’s history. When oh when will they govern?

    • Some of the wankers in this government (notably Clement, Baird, and Flaherty) graduated from the regime of Mike Harris, who once proclaimed (as premier on Ontario, no less), “We’re not the government…we’re here to fix the government.

      The axiom that old habits died hard is certainly confirmed by this bunch. They perpetually view themselves as persecuted outsiders.

      • With “fix” being a euphemism for a veterinary procedure, I suppose.

  10. Given the air time this story has been already got, how long before an adult in the PMO [ ok a teenager then] pulls he rug out from under the committee? It’ll be fun to hear them explain why they don’t want to hear from JT or DM anymore.

    …’Er, sorry, but there’s a lot of rilly rilly serious stuff this sacred committee has yet to get to. We can’t waste time calling every shiny pony before it…on to out next bit of business then.

    Why aren’t there more picture of our dear leader on these walls? Get those Macdonald pictures down right now. It ‘s an outrage, rilly! Being dead is no kind of excuse!

    …someone call him before this august body to explain himself…’

    There’s something about the CPC clowns attempting to govern that reminds me of the Dufflepuds in Narnia.

  11. “remember-the-last-time-the-conservatives-were-eager-to-see-justin-trudeau-embarrassed-on-a-public-stage”

    Only this time they should stick Poiliivre in the ring against him. Dress him up like bon homme and let him talk Trudeau to death. I’ll give it to PP in under two minutes. Trudeau lose by a self administered knock out.

  12. Ah, yes. The House Committee on Un-Albertan Affairs.

    • Should really be chaired by someone like Duffy in order to have full effect.

      • Only if Senator Duffy gets the “Have you no decency, sir?” line. With his script reading skills, he’d kill it. Really make it heart- felt. Like in a wrasslin’ movie!