Remembering Jack


The House of Commons is presently toasting the memory of Jack Layton, with speeches so far from Stephen Harper, Bob Rae, Louis Plamondon and Elizabeth May.

According to the new seating plan released just now, the seat normally reserved for the leader of the opposition will be left vacant. Nycole Turmel, who will become the second woman to face the House as the leader of Her Majesty’s official opposition, will occupy the front row seat to the left.


Remembering Jack

  1. Please is this ever going to end. We buried 157 young Canadians who gave their lives so that others may live in freedom .Layton was a well paid politician who was excellent at his job. His widow will be well looked after by the taxpayers. I have tried for the life of me to find out exactly what Jack did for this country other than be a decent type. I am sure the kin of those young soldiers also found them decent types. This has become a charade. Who can cry the loudest and praise Jack the most? Lets get back to normal .Time to remove the black arm bands and look to the future . One man does not a country or political party make. 

  2. Nearly one month of continuous grieving. Will it continue in perpetuity?  Will the competition to give the most grandiose eulogy reach ever-new heights?  

    My friends, exaggeration is better then truth, delusion is better then reality, and drama is better then pragmatism. So let us exaggerate, delude, and dramatize. And we’ll pretend to change the world.

  3. ……this was an “opinion” write up from “down under” – interesting take:

    “IN CANADA last month a most unusual thing happened in tragic circumstances.

    Holding political opponents to account inevitably is necessary if sordid, but parliamentary life also is a higher calling to serve others, and our nation, beyond self. Canberra’s current brutal tag-team wrestle drags idealistic men and women too much into the former at the cost of the latter, the spectacle undermining long-term hope and optimism for the future in the wider Australian community. The wrestlers should pause and contemplate how they would be remembered if suddenly taken from us like Canada’s Jack Layton. If Gillard, Abbott, Brown and others only realised just how few tears would be shed for them if that happened tomorrow, they might yet lift their gaze and offer the inspiring national conversation and leadership Australians crave.”


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