Resignation of member -

Resignation of member


Judy Wasylycia-Leis officially bid adieu to Parliament on Wednesday with the traditional farewell and exchanging of best wishes.

The Globe reported later that Ralph Goodale had told members of Liberal caucus to refrain from saying anything in her regard—he and Ms. Wasylycia-Leis have some degree of history—but as you can see from the transcript, Anita Neville was included in the all-party well-wishing.

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Resignation of member

  1. Thank you Aaron for posting this. I'm very glad to see that the Liberals disregarded this rather nasty order. I hope Ms Neville is not subject to any internal party discipline.

  2. Hats off to Anita Neville for not being a sore loser like Mr. Goodale. Judy Wasylycia-Leis was an amazing MP and role model.

    As for Ralph, he needs to remember that all Wasylycia-Leis did was call on him to investigate wrong-doing in his department. He stubbornly refused, so the RCMP decided to look into it instead. The rest is history.

    Liberals have no one but themselves to blame for losing the 2006 election … but 4 years later and many of them still can't accept it, including Goodale.

  3. Oh good heavens above, why would anyone believe Jane Viper's "senior unnamed Liberal who wished to remain anonymous" crap in the first place.

    If Mr Goodale told a colleague he harbours resentment against Judy W-L, then so be it. Hard to blame him, really.

    Doesn't matter; if it is true at all, it is a personal feeling and didn't get in the way of her Liberal colleage Neville graciously offering good wishes.

    Jane Taber is a lot of what's wrong with reporting in Canada. Her work is tabloid crack.

  4. Right on – she's forever using secret sources and one wonders at times if she makes things up or exaggerates just to make headlines.

    She is one pitiful reporter.

  5. No one has come forward to dispute Taber's report, not even Goodale.

    • it's not a report; it's gossip!

  6. So, what's your point. The Liberals via Anita Neville didn't listen and made a speech. It's such a stupid non-story.

    Why would they talk about it?

    Put that in your little post-it notes for a little bashing later. You do need more material.

  7. Boy, Ralph Goodale is STILL crying about what happened in 2006? My God. Is there a smallest man on Parliament award?

  8. Yah! It's always kept on the PM Harper's desk.

  9. Wow, I was wondering how fast someone would post this specific knee-jerk response. A lot faster than I thought! lol

  10. I don't think that is all Wasyllycia-Leis did. Didn't she ask for an investigation into whether Goodale leaked insider information? She also made some false allegations, but she didn't repeat them outside of Parliament.

    • yeah, a little research shows she did a lot more. She said some things she should have taken back, or at least acknowledged were wrong.

  11. Joined up with the RCMP to smear a fellow member of the House who in the end was vindicated. Released it all in a campaign so the facts would not come until after the election. And the victim did nothing wrong.
    Oh well, someday Goodale will have his farewell speeches. They will not be as tepid and formalized, going through the motions, and as half hearted as this sad collection.
    Making alliance with the RCMP. That was the sin.

  12. I completely understand Ralph Goodale's animosity towards Judy Wasylycia-Leis. He was an innocent man, with a long and respectable career of public service, who faced false accusations of criminal wrongdoing at the worst possible time. It's hard to blame him for holding a grudge.

  13. I actually got a kick out of Goodale's vindictiveness here.

    It's human.

  14. Adscam! NEP!

  15. I have to disagree. At the time there was every reason to suspect something was amiss.

    And in the end, a senior bureaucrat in the Finance Department was charged. I can only imagine the reaction here if this had happened under Flaherty's watch, but I'm pretty sure it would include the words "ministerial", "accountability" and "resignation".

  16. I have to disagree, too.

    First, I'm generally not of the opinion that it's ever good for someone to hold a grudge.

    Second, this is politics, and Ralph Goodale has certainly done his own share of yelling and screaming of allegations from the opposition benches. For him to feel slighted, and want to return the favour in this way, is hardly something to excuse or laud in a politician. In fact, I think it reflects the worse side of politics.

    A bigger man would have accepted what happened in 2006 as part of the rough and tumble of politics. Harper and others have endured worse. A bigger man would have certainly gotten over it and not been so petty like this currently.

  17. I'll also agree that this file was handled badly by Goodale from the start. He probably didn't deserve to be dragged publicly into a criminal investigation, but it happens. He was cleared. Get over it.

  18. Ya, Monte Solberg was on all the talk shows spewing his venum

  19. Anita Neville should take Judy's cue and retire from Parliament herself.

    The Liberal Party of Canada is not renewing itself and there are so old fossils that should have been put out to pasture eons ago. Anita Neville is one of them.

    The Liberal Party of Canada reminds me of the long-in-the-tooth Labour Party in England. Like the Labour Party the Liberals governed for 13 straight years. There crotchety old leader Gordon Brown is almost as old at 59 as Bob Rae 62 and Michael Ignatieff 63. Meanwhile the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have leaders of a different generation who are both 43 years of age.

    The one difference is that the Liberal Party has had over FOUR years to renew itself, but hasn't. As the British say: Pity!

    • Who is your # 1 choice from the CPC ranks that should join Neville on her way out?

    • Harper has been party leader for 8 years. Started on the Hill in the 80s. First elected in 1993. Yeah, I see your point. Time for a change.

  20. I'm not sure why I'm still surprised at how poorly the major papers have handled the shift to the blog-style of political reporting.

    The Globe & Mail is the worst example…which is surprising for me as it's otherwise my paper of choice

  21. I thank you a thousand times.

  22. Ya, a man's whole career was just about ruined and he shouldn't be angry.

  23. Technically a generation is considered 20 years. Harper's only 12 years younger than Ignatieff.

  24. a) Stuff happens in politics, and he got through it.

    b) Is he going to hold a grudge for the rest of his life?

    c) Why does he act in Parliament like a man who's willing to yell and scream any accusation at anyone else?

    It's as though Liberals hate to be challenged, but can do anything they want to anyone else.

    It's politics. Get over it. Stop being so small, petty, and hypocritical. You'll live longer, Ralph. Trust me.

  25. "STILL crying about what happened" . . . CPC stock-in-trade

    • You're comparing regional grudges by citizens to the personal bitterness of an MP? Wow!

      Oh, and in case you didn't realize it, just about every region in this country, except Ontario, has a grudge about something. And even that's changing under McGuinty. lol.

  26. I don't actually disagree with you, Dennis F. If Goodale can't get over it with the thought that he outlasted her, he should have quit politics a long time ago. On the other hand, you do realize that your list could apply very nicely to the entire Conservative side, right? I don't mean individual MPs, just the whole stock response to just about anything from everyone in their turn.

  27. Pound for pound (even when Bill Blaikie was there) and inch for inch the NDP are the best parliamentarians. I don't agree with their policies, but Judy was a big part of the team effort.

    The fact that she was this week's "Beat the house" mystery guest speaks to their irrelevance, however.

    And yes, Goodale was petty. He is afterall a politician, involved in politics. Hello!

    Judy- enjoy your pension.

  28. Wow, didn't think anyone could actually discern a point in that post you replied to. I guess I was wrong.

  29. Every conviction is a reason to shout it from the rooftops. 'Every suspicion' is not. Blame the press, blame the cops, blame the Liberals. Hell, blame JWLL. One fact remains, Goodale was unfairly smeared. Whether that was tactical or not, well, who knows.

  30. True enough. I'd point out however that Harper became leader of his party at 45 years of age while Iggy became leader of his at 62.

    The U.S. just elected Barack Obama, age 49 and England will soon have a 43 year old leader. The baton has been passed onto another generation.

    In Canada, the official opposition party in waiting hasn't passed the baton on. In fact at the Liberal leadership convention where Iggy was crowned he compared the atmosphere to….Trudeaumania.

  31. Don't quite know what you mean by that last part.

  32. I can't believe people are having this neverending conversation about it. Get over it – Goodale mad – let's move on.


  33. The fact that she was this week's "Beat the house" mystery guest speaks to their irrelevance, however.

    You've given the answer. Now all X hundred readers are going to dilute my chances to win. Thanks! ;-)

  34. So, it's 2010 and you still have an age discrimination problem.

    Shame on you. It's not the age, it's the ability and if they are in good health, why not.

  35. Wasylycia-Leis was the worst Finance critic the NDP had is recent memory. This is why Layton quickly removed her from that position after her mishandling of the Income Trust file. Good riddance to her.

    I am sure Canadian seniors will remember her support of the Conservative betrayal to double tax Income Trust. This devastated retirement savings of ordinary Canadians by approx $35 billion dollars in October 2006 and confirmed the NDP as Conservative patsies.

  36. You mean just like every other finger-pointing member of the House, including Ralph Goodale?

    Amazing to me how many Liberals here are defending the man's obvious pettiness. If the story is true, he went out of his way to try to ensure that an MP he has a personal grudge against would be slighted — at at time usually reserved for applauds and adulation. This is the epitome of being small.

  37. I guess Judy has like all politicians learned the trough is deep and keep eating from it