Rob Silver helpfully puts together a compilation of Brian Mulroney saying rude things about other prime ministers.



  1. I mean seriously folks is anyone really buying what Iggy is selling? Of course he’s taking swipes at Harper he would be a fool not to. He has to do something to get his numbers up …running as I am not Dion has only taken him so far and so far he can’t run as I am not Harper because he has not opposed him yet in the House – same ol Dion Roll Over and Rub My Belly tactic – be careful on this one though as this is exactly the sort of thing that alwys comes back to bite you in the rear. I like the usual crowd of anti-haperite pundits salivating at the barest of chances that this is actually news and has any political impact which to be real honest folks face it it doesn’t more white noise from the far away crowd.

    • I imagine that a lot of people buy whatever a politician is selling. I mean really, I have been bitten so hard in the rear by Mr. Harper, there really isn’t that much left of me for Mr. Ignatieff to bite on.

  2. What a weird masochistic group of Mulroney fans there are that pop up every now and then to remind us that we hated him because he did what was good for us. Like they are still hoping he will spank them or something. and Mulroney still hooping we will love him for his massive commitment to his own aggrandizement.

    The most laughable of his sordid tenure as former prime minister — the most embarassing former prime minister in my lifetime — is his assertion that Kim Campbell lost the election (for whatever reason) when most Canadians barely cared that she was running and proceeded to rise up and vote against Mulroney coast to coast even though he wasn’t upf or electon.

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