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Rira bien…


We are profoundly saddened to read today’s La Presse editorial.

[UPDATE: Okay, it was yesterday’s. Rira bien qui rira un peu en retard.]


Rira bien…

  1. "We are profoundly saddened…."?

    I thought you'd be dancing around like the cock (rooster) on the block.

  2. cock of the walk.

  3. J'ai bien ri!

    Sans doute Thomas Mulcair a devenu plus triste quand André Pratte a écrit les mots: "La corruption a produit des métastases partout dans la province, dans toutes les couches de la société". Quelle horreur!

  4. No one ever doubted there was corruption in Quebec.

    The problem came about because it was the only province examined, and then held up as the 'worst'.

    Which made it Quebec-bashing.

  5. " … les révélations sur les pratiques douteuses dans différentes municipalités et sur les liens entre le crime organisé et l'industrie de la construction ont continué de pleuvoir. …"

    It never rains but it pours.

  6. Er, right. The chickens in our neck of the woods have alot more space to do their thing in than just a mear walk.

  7. "Rousseau says the government is there, that our rights come from the government, that come from the collective. Locke says our rights come from God, and that we only create a government to protect our interests. The Rousseauian says you can make a religion out of society and politics, and the Lockean says no, religion is a separate sphere from politics." Jonah Goldberg

    Problem with Quebec is they embraced the Rousseau belief long ago and it leads to much more corruption than we are use to in Anglo cultures which are more rooted in Locke. Quebec pols always seem to justify their dodgy behaviour by draping it twaddle about the greater good, how they did bad things in order to achieve greater good.

    I have been thinking about this recently and it has infected Feds and other provs as well. Harper/Cons just denied people's right to sell their property because it wasn't net benefit to Canada, whatever that means. Cons announced new shift in Afghan policy with comms guy on news program instead of PM or other Minister letting us know. Prentice just went to fairly cushy job with little experience.

    It reminds me of communist countries where the Party is way more important than The State.

  8. Reference to the motion adopted in the House, non?

  9. Cheezus, I nearly swallowed my bubble-gum over that one!

    From the South Sea Bubble to Tulip Mania to the Savings and Loan disaster to the Sub-Prime crisis to all the Ponzi schemes uncovered to Robo-Signers to the Vatican Bank, we've had a long history of corruption in the 'anglo-saxon' world, so let's not try sneaking any high horses into it.

  10. I don't see the relation. That doesn't mean there isn't one. Could you explain?

  11. And we must care about André Pratte's opinion because…?

  12. "Problem with Quebec is they embraced the Rousseau belief long ago and it leads to much more corruption than we are use to in Anglo cultures which are more rooted in Locke."


  13. Also, after all the heat Coyne took for the 'Bonhomme' cover on 'At Issue' and on these comment boards, he should have been given the honour of posting this "I told you so".

  14. Exactly. I've been really disappointed in Wells on this issue (not that he's going to lose any sleep over that, of course). But his spin is so weak here. And the fact that he's got to point to an editorial that doesn't actually prove Quebec is the most corrupt province in the country just counters his own argument.

    I mean, I know he's trying to be loyal to the magazine and his fellow ink stained wretches, but they so massively dropped the ball on this "story" that it's a shame Wells wedded himself so strongly to such a poor article.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: when Maclean's spends so much time, effort and money on delivering a statistically proveable method of ranking cities and universities, by its own metrics it's failed on the corruption issue.

  15. Told us what? That André Pratte agrees with him? I don't get why this is a big deal. We already knew this.

  16. The motion by Bloc Québécois MP Pierre Paquette said: “That this House, while recognizing the importance of vigorous debate on subject of public interest, expresses its profound sadness at the prejudice displayed and the stereotypes employed by Maclean's magazine to denigrate the Quebec nation, its history and its institutions.”

    It passed without debate or a recorded vote.

  17. Because it provides a cushion of sorts to those journalists, like Paul Wells, who have been championing the shoddy journalism and mistruths in the article in question.

    Simple, really.

  18. smh

  19. Righty-o. I get it now.

  20. What, that the mayor of Laval allegedly offered a former PQ minister $10,000 in a white envelope ? How did you know this already, did you in on the alleged deal ?

  21. Mulletaur, perhaps you miss the point here in your haste to dump on Quebec. No one is suggesting that there isn't any corruption in Quebec. What everyone is having issues with is the contention from this magazine that Quebec is THE MOST corrupt province in the country. Whenever Macleans is asked to substantiate its claim, the response is "André Pratte agrees with us."

    Why? Because they know full well that they've pulled this one out of their ass. They have no way of determining which province is the most corrupt. But hey! Bashing Quebec sure sells a lot of magazines, right?

  22. Why hasn't the House of Commons passed a resolution, yet? Where's is the apology-demanding letter from Premier Charest?

    Hé, Pratte, le Quebec-bashing doit cesser, quand-même…

  23. By the way, Bonhomme is still deservedly pissed at you guys.

  24. I don't the think the "Vatican Bank" scandal qualifies as something to do with the anglo-saxon world.

  25. I'm not dumping on Quebec or bashing it, I am simply repeating a story which is causing a lot of people to ask why there is not a full public inquiry into ties between the construction industry, organized crime and governments in Quebec. Even the head of the construction association, who formerly said a public inquiry was totally unnecessary, was calling for one last night according to what I saw on 'Le téléjournal' last night.

    Also, Maclean's doesn't have to provide 'proof'. They are not fulfilling the role of forensic accountants or anti-racketeering police. All they are doing is their job as members of the fifth estate, which is to bring to our attention matters of public concern and hold governments accountable. On this file, they've done a damn good job. Due in large part to the political opening this Maclean's cover created, there is a bit of movement on this file in Quebec – people are coming out of the woodwork and giving up what they know, and not just anybody, but politicians. This is great progress. If Maclean's sells a lot of magazines as a result, it's what they deserve.

    By the way, just imagine what a corrupt disaster the Quebec government would be without the national media to hold politicians there accountable and without the RCMP and the federal government to investigate corruption and fraud in government. That alone should make anybody who believes that a separate Quebec is a good thing think twice.

  26. Rich satire is it not?

  27. "Also, Maclean's doesn't have to provide 'proof'."

    Uh… Yes they do if they want to be seen as a respectable publication and not a laughable tabloid. You Quebec is the MOSt corrupt province? Please show us the data you based this assertion on. And NO, Andre Pratte's opinion is not an acceptable substitute for fact..

    And yes, you most certainly are dumping and bashing Quebec.

  28. Whatever. Quebec is without question the most corrupt province in Canada, the evidence is plain to see for anybody who is not an apologist for the mob. Up until the 'Bonhomme' cover, the elites and political class in Quebec were in a total state of denial, when they weren't receiving money from the mob themselves. Now the same conspiracy of crooks is trying to destroy Duchesneau. You don't have to buy Maclean's if you don't think it's 'respectable', whatever that means for a mob apologist like you, and you certainly don't need to comment here. Everybody knows that Quebec is totally crooked. Finally somebody spoke up, and you are dumping all over Maclean's as a result. Why ? Is that what your paymasters ask of you ?

    I guess that there is going to have to be a by-election now that Nicolo has been killed.

  29. So all future articles written about Alberta being Canada's worst environmental offender should be written off as Alberta bashing as well? Everytime BC is identified as the nations marijuana factory, outrage will follow?

    Yea, didn't think so.

  30. The magazine has provided boatloads of anecdotal evidence. This is obviously not good enough for those you who can't stand anything negative being said about Quebec, fine. But quit parroting this line that they haven't provided any evidence.

  31. Why does La Presse hate Quebec?

  32. So, lots of corruption scandals coming to light in Quebec. Not very many scandals in New Brunswick. Congratulations again to the whole Maclean's crew on successfully not proving another negative.

  33. yep…it's called due diligence and journalistic integrity…or write the article as a question if you're not trying to "prove" the "most" of anything…