Rob Anders, professional heckler

MP apologizes for this whopper: ‘Mr. Mulcair, with his arm twisted behind the scenes, helped to hasten Jack Layton’s death’


In an interview with iPolitics, the Conservative MP decides he is both an NDP insider and a doctor.

“I actually think one of the great stories that was missed by journalists was that Mr. Mulcair, with his arm twisted behind the scenes, helped to hasten Jack Layton’s death,” he said. “It was very clear to me watching the two of those gentlemen in the front benches, that Jack Layton was ill and that Mr. Mulcair was making it quite obvious that if Jack wasn’t well enough to fight the campaign and fight the election that he should step aside, and that because of that, Mr. Layton put his life at risk to go into the national election, and fight it, and did obviously an amazing job considering his state of health, and that he did that partly because of the arm-twisting behind the scenes by Mulcair and then subsequently died.”

Question: So you think that if that hadn’t existed, Layton would have taken a back seat, rested in some way? “He would have taken more heed of his health. He might not have rushed into that election campaign with somebody with a knife in his back.”

Unless Mr. Anders knows something we don’t, the known timeline is as follows: Jack Layton was diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 2010. He underwent hip surgery to repair a small fracture on March 4, 2011. Three weeks later, in the lead-up to the 2011 election, he pronounced himself fit for a campaign and said his PSA level was “virtually at an undetectable level.” He proceeded with that campaign and seemed to improve as it went on. The vote was held on May 2. In late June 2011, he began to feel sore and stiff (see this story for details). On July 20, 2011, he was diagnosed with a new form of cancer.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman says Mr. Anders’ comments do not reflect the opinion of the Prime Minister or the Harper government.

Update 12:35pm. And here is the apology.

Update 4:38pm. A response from Olivia Chow and a response from Peter Stoffer.


Rob Anders, professional heckler

  1. I’m confused about the part that reads “Question”. Is it all something that Anders said. Because surely no journalist would follow that up with “so you think that if…”, rather than “That’s a pretty vile claim to be throwing around without a scintilla of evidence, even for a Harper Conservative.”

    So Anders is an NDP insider, doctor AND journalist, now.

    It might be time to sue him for all he is worth.

    • Leaving aside your request that any proper journalist should be overtly anti-Conservative, I think the journalist’s job in this case is to think “Hmm, that’s something interesting he just said. Let’s get him to say MORE.”

  2. This message was brought to you by the firm of “Blur ,Obfusticate and Blatherskite ” Anders is a maroon!

  3. “…..Unless Mr. Anders knows something we don’t, the known timeline is as follows:……”

    Whether Mr. Anders knows something we do not, regarding the health of Mr. Layton, is of no consequence. The two both know/knew how the Canadian Health Care system works and as such, temporally linear ’cause and effect’ known timelines are meaningless.
    And I mean MEANINGLESS!
    I know about which I speak.

    • I’m glad YOU do, cuz you’re makin’ no fookin sense to me…

      • This must be the dawning of the gauge of Aquarius

        • “……gauge of Aquarius……”

          Funny guy!
          Let it not be said that I do not recognise a funny that has been perpetrated by someone other than yours truly!

  4. What a POS. (Anders, that is.)

    • Que?
      Person of Substance?
      Point of Sale?
      Please to explain your acronym or initialism – I can’t even decide which of these it is.
      If, however, this is some sort of linguistic totem denoting membership in a ‘Tribal’ covey where knowledge of which advertises consanguineous affiliation, don’t bother, I prefer to remain ignorant.

      • Piece of Shi*! (Edited to make it acceptable)

        • No, I would not compare Rob Anders to a POS. That would not be fair to the POS.

        • I apologize for swearing. Please feel free to delete my comment above.

          • Swearing?
            ‘Piece’ is profane?
            I can see why some might think ‘peace’ is profane , but piece? I am at a loss.

          • Truth in labelling – no foul!

        • I’d rather have not known that.
          Of what ‘Type’ would he grade on the Bristol Stool Chart then?

          • Definitely type 7

  5. “The Prime Minister’s spokesman says Mr. Anders’ comments do not ever, under any circumstances, reflect the opinion of the Prime Minister or the Harper government.”

    • Yeah, I read that tweet — but you know, they could do more to stop this kind of outragious blather, couldn’t they? Sometimes I think harper likes his loose cannons, and only distances himself because he can. Either that, or he’s lost control of caucus, and I find that hard to believe. If he can fire Geurgis over flimsy allegations, couldn’t he cut this guy free too? Or did the tearing up over harper’s father’s memory save his bacon?

      • I think he enjoys having them act out his hostility for him.

  6. Just how desperate for attention is Rob Anders?
    If this guy represents the “brightest and the best” that we send to Ottawa, then we are absolutely doomed
    Sean is correct; what a POS

    • But you know, he does get attention all the time, more than most backbenchers, right? I think Anders, Woodsworth, Trost, are all MP bones that Harper throws to his so-con base, and then he distances himself from their egregious remarks or actions without ever disciplining them. That, or Anders has photos of harper with a goat.

      • “…….That, or Anders has photos of harper with a goat……”

        I hope it’s not one of those tree-climbing wethers they have in Morocco – those feckers give me the willies!

        • Just close your eyes and think of England.

          • Please, any place other than Blighty!
            Besides, a wether is of no danger to me – or any she-goat for that matter.

          • We’re at one with the homeland now, haven’t you heard. Better get that pic of Liz up.

      • Given the amount of protection the CPC has provided to Anders over the years, I’m betting your latter guess is closer to right than wrong.

        I was at the U of C with Anders. The guy was literally a fascist troll then. He’d enter a class, give the Nazi salute, and holler out “Big Smile!” to his friend. He enjoys being provocative and while his views have toned down (at least publicly) he’s been involved with Reform and Harper for such a long time, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if he knows of something that went down in a convention hotel room that Mr. Harper would really prefer nobody else ever learns of.

        I mean there’s got to be some reason the national party changes its rules on nominations across Canada the moment somone starts challenging his.

        And let’s not forget the debates he missed in Calgary because he was keeping his drug smuggling friend company in the hospital after a car wreck.

        • Sheesh!
          You’re such a gossip Thwim. How do you live with yourself?

          • Mostly by knowing that at least I’m not you.

          • What you meant to pixellate was,

            “Mostly by knowing that at best I’m not you”

            My rendition above is far more denigrating of me and emboldening to you. If you are going to thrust and perry in the big leagues, as opposed to the Junior School playgrounds, I suggest you follow my lead.
            Granted, “Oh yeah? Well my dad can beat up your dad” has worked for me on several occasions – mostly o’er at the National Post website though.

        • The voters in his riding are the only ones who could unseat him, it seems. I’d be humiliated if he represented me.

  7. You do have to wonder about the people that keep voting this guy back in office at times…

    • They keep voting the Conservative candidate back in office. Sadly, this is Alberta, and that riding is so old, white, and conservative that if a Klansman was kidnapped and woke up there, he’d swear he was killed and went to heaven.

      That the CPC keeps working so hard to ensure that only Anders can be nominated as the CPC candidate there is the strange thing.

      • but…but…there was a national energy program 40 years ago so I HAVE TO vote for Anders today!

  8. Sounds like something I’d expect to see on The Colbert Report Know your Canadian riding

    But, unlike this 2006 clip of Florida’s 19th district, Congressman Robert Wexler, Calgary Rob doesn’t appear to have been taken out of context.

  9. “I actually think one of the great stories that was missed by
    journalists was that Mr. Mulcair, with his arm twisted behind the
    scenes, helped to hasten Jack Layton’s death,” he said. “…

    …It was very
    clear to me”

    If i have this right Anders thinks that what is “clear to him” should be some kind of standard of objectivity among journalists. Maybe, just maybe journalists do yet still have minimum standards Mr Anders? But don’t worry those views and worse have received a good airing on blogs[ macleans being no exception] by hateful commenters w/o a shred of evidence, by those whose view of the world seems to be as twisted as yours, and whose standards of evidence as non existent. Who started the rumour mongering anyway? Pretty sure i heard Duffy flapping his gums about it, and he does have a history of being vile and insensitive, there’s at least circumstantial evidence for it. See the distinction at all Anders?

  10. Funny. Most of the people that I meet on my occasional visits to Calgary
    are rational, respectful conservative souls with whom I can rationally and
    respectfully disagree. Yet they consistently vote for eejuts.
    But, then, I’ve always liked Edmonton more. Seedy appeals, I guess.

    • Addendum:- It must be said (blush) that most people I personally
      know ritually vote for L’il Pete because their daddies voted for
      Big Elmer. Oh, well …

  11. Wow. Utter classlessness. Simply astonishing.

    Who does Anders think Mulcair is, Mitt Romney?

  12. C’mon, guys, he apologized. Lay off. He even managed to stay awake during his apology. Give him a break.

  13. OK so obviously this is not the sort of thing an elected official should be saying, but between us anonymous internet folk, a question: If true (and politics being what it is, it very well could be), would this reflect poorly on Mr. Mulcair? I say no. The affairs of state wait for no man, and if Mr. Layton had avoided an election because of his own health then that actually would have been an indication that he couldn’t do his job. Beyond that, everything else was Mr. Layton’s choice.

    • Sparrow is that you?

  14. Rob Anders showcases just one of the benefits of either an STV or a P3 voting system.

  15. Somewhere, a village is lacking its idiot…oh snap….that’s WHY he keeps getting voted in!

    ummm…very sneaky constituents of Calgary West.

  16. Layton had sense, Mr Anders.

  17. It is said that the Tories could run a donkey in Calgary and win. Very likely this is true. But I don’t see why the party is so intent on proving the statement by repeatedly returning Anders as a candidate.