Robocall, big or small?


The Globe reports that phone records were leaked by unnamed Conservatives for the purpose of suggesting that calls received outside Guelph were mere mistakes. Ian Brodie still frets.

Ian Brodie, who was Mr. Harper’s chief of staff from 2006 to 2008, said revelations from an Elections Canada probe that has centred on the Southern Ontario riding of Guelph and its local Conservative campaign likely indicate “a very devious local effort that could well lead to charges against several campaign volunteers.” 

But he didn’t dismiss the possibility of “a national effort at subterfuge.” “Something seems to have gone on, on a scale I’ve never seen before,” Mr. Brodie wrote in an e-mail.


Robocall, big or small?

  1. Does it concern anyone but me that he’s worried about the scale being larger than he’s ever seen before?

  2. Aaron, FYI: Your first link (the word “reports”) is the same as your last link (“frets”). I’m not sure if that was intentional?… Just drawing it to your attention, in case you want to change it.

  3. Sooooo… how does RMG fit into all of this?

  4. Ian Brodie is just another lefty hack that wants to join Bob Rae in laughing at honest, hard working Canadians.

  5. Rick McKnight = Rack McNine = Matt Meier = highly connected Conservative Party insider

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