Rona Ambrose responds, sort of


At the very end of Question Period this afternoon, the Bloc’s Andre Bellavance stood and asked if, after last night’s vote on Motion 312, Rona Ambrose would be resigning as the minister responsible for the status of women. Ms. Ambrose responded without addressing her vote.

Mr. Speaker, it is interesting that this is the first question that I have received on the Status of Women file this year. In fact, I think this is the first question I have received since last year as well. Do you know why that is, Mr. Speaker?

It was around this point that a voice from somewhere on the opposition side yelled out something like “you’re useless” or “because you’re useless.”

It is because this government has an incredible track record of standing up for Canadian women and girls. We have increased the funding to the Status of Women to its highest point in Canadian history. So far, in just a couple of years, we have funded over 550 projects from coast to coast to coast to tackle violence against women and empower women and girls, and we will continue to do just that.

I emailed Ms. Ambrose’s office earlier today to ask if there was a statement from the minister on last night’s vote, but I have not received a response. The only explanation so far is this tweet.

I have repeatedly raised concerns about discrimination of girls by sex selection abortion: no law needed, but we need awareness!


Rona Ambrose responds, sort of

  1. Looking to replace Harper, like Kenney

    • Step one – secure the base. Those people yelling about women’ rights aren’t going to vote for you anyway.

      • Yup….toss a bone to the SoCons….although they won’t vote for her anyway.

        Mind you, I can’t see SoCons voting for Kenney either.

  2. Does this include the money taken the from the national women’s association? We (women) need to take apart all of the legislation passed through the omnibus bills so that in the next election we can demeonstrate to Canadians just how much the Harper goverenment has done for them (or should I say to them)!

    • And don’t forget the CIDA changes from programs like supporting women in Africa who had been raped to now giving the CIDA money to mining corporations

      And what are they doing about all those missing aboriginal women in Canada who have probably been murdered?

  3. I am going to go out on a limb here, but I think you are being rather disingenuous with that title Mr. Wherry

    “…….I emailed Ms. Ambrose’s office earlier today to ask if there was a statement from the minister on last night’s vote, but I have not received a response…….”

    I suspect your missive activated her Spam Filter. All my emails to Justin Bieber suffer the same fate.
    Then again perhaps the ‘no response’ is the response?

  4. So how many e-mails did Wherry or any of you whiners send to Ambrose to ask pertinent questions or clarification on any subject concerning her portfolio in the past year—not many if any I would think.

    But if an opportunity comes up where there is even a slight chance that you might embarrass her or the government—well fire off those e-mails.

    You guys are so predictable. You don`t even try to hide your lack of concern about the real issues in any Ministry—-just hide in the bushes and try an ambush.

    • After following the Ministry for a number of years, I had written it off – as I have the Treasury Board under Tony Clement, food inspection under Jerry Ritz – I could go on…

  5. Now if I was a twenty-something PMO script writer:

    Mr. Speaker. I am the Minister responsible for the status of women, not the Minister responsible for the status-quo of women.

    Thank you. Thank you very much.

    • Tommorow’s press release: “Rona Ambrose admitted to wanting to roll back Women’s Rights in the house yesterday…”

  6. I will proudly vote for Rona Ambrose. I am pro-choice and will defend women’s right to choose until my last breath, but this is a debate worth having.

    Abortion will NEVER be criminalized in Canada but the rules need closer examination and I don’t care who does it weather is A CPC MP or Liberal MP. No one will because they are too chicken, this would actually be of great service to the pro-choice side.

    • There is not a scintilla of evidence the present system is not the best possible one.

    • Care to expand about why the “rules need closer examination”?
      Although I was a bit uneasy about what approving 312 might have morphed into, ultimately I was not opposed to 312 – if the status quo (or some close variation) is truly what Canadians have settled on/want, then that outcome can withstand some close examination. OTOH, if the status quo falls apart like a house of cards as a result of some study by a HoC committee, then the status quo was only a facade all along.

  7. Thumbs up to Rona, my full support.

  8. This govt has an incredible record of defending wonens rights as defined by this govt.
    What will women be, its alright we will tell you what to be!

  9. I am truly shocked that anyone would expect Ms. Ambrose to resign. What is wrong with you people???. We do not live in the dark ages. We now know that a baby’s heart beat starts at 3 weeks old. We have babies who are born just at 24 weeks gestation (or sometimes less)that are fully formed, albeit tiny, who go on to live fully productive lives. Do they not have a right to be protected because they weigh 2 oz. instead of 150 lbs? Are we not an intelligent society who can look at the truth, or are we afraid of it? Being an intelligent, productive woman I can truly tell you this issue has nothing to do with feminism, but life. It is about protecting the rights of those who are more vunerable in our society who do not have a voice. Anyone who opposes this bill should pull their heads out their you know what… and face reality. If we treated our animals how we treat the unborn there would be a public outcry of inhumanity.

  10. I find it really sad that a representative is forced to resign for voting on a motion to debate a fundamental question that’s answer is 400 years old!! I thought we lived in a democracy! Yes, she is representing women and is the common human consciousness going to continue to deny the fact that abortion hurts women?! I know women who have almost committed suicide because of the pain they experienced from abortion… and others who have become addicted to substances,.. anyways, I guess denial is where people like to stay.

    • Quote:”continue to deny the fact that abortion hurts women?!I”

      And of course, this is complete BS; a mere figment of your imagination, laced with anti-abortion kool-aid.

      Dr. Elizabeth Raymond from Gynuity Health Projects in New York City and Dr. David Grimes of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, found that between 1998 and 2005, one woman died during childbirth for every 11,000 or so babies born. That compared to one woman of every 167,000 who died from a legal abortion.

      The researchers also cited a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which found that, from 1998 to 2001, the most common complications associated with pregnancy — including high blood pressure, urinary tract infections and *mental health conditions* (emphasis added) — happened more often in women who had a live birth than those who got an abortion.

      • Ginger’s quote is actually not complete BS as you have quoted above. The research that you are relying upon does have its fallacies, as many women who have had an abortion do not want to admit that their choice did not come without reprecussions. When women have a baby there is no hiding the obvious, so the testing is more conclusive. There have been huge mental and relationship issues associated with women who have abortions. You are doing women a disservice to trivilize the mental distress that many women suffer after having an abortion. Obviously you have not had to deal with a women questioning how she could ” kill her own baby and what kind of person could do this”.I have and trust me it is horrible trying to console someone in this state. Yet society doesn’t like to talk about this ugly reality side of abortion. Check your research. Ovarian cancer and other types of cancers are more prevalent with women who have had abortions, than those who have given birth. .Also do you not find your quote of one in every 167000 abortions a very sad figure. That is quite a staggering number I would say. Any time we as society choose preservation of humanity and life over a death sentence leads to a much more peaceful existence. What do you think people are afraid of finding out if bill 312 was passed?

        • This is hand-waving. The facts don’t agree with you? Invent new statistics!

          You have to prove the statistics are biased, if that is your argument. Otherwise you are just hand-waving.

          • If you interpret real life experience, supported by data and research as hand waving then so be it. If you like statistics and studies you can google cancer and abortions and while your at it google when a heart starts beating. Then you can really have something to wave your hands at.

        • That we went to bed one night in 2012 and woke up again in 1967, with abortion illegal and women having to prove up to a third party, likely composed of men, who will judge whether or not they want an abortion “for the right reasons.”

          • Unreal isn’t it? I spent my youth fighting for women’s rights and we seem to be back to square one.

          • Or we could wake up and realize that it is 2012 and we have had years of genocide of heart beating unborn babies because we may be inconvenienced by their existence. But who wants to really face that truth?Seems like history really likes to repeat itself in different forms.

          • Clumps of non-sentient flesh are not something I get exercised about, heartbeat or not.

          • I am sure Hitler, Stalin etc. shared the same sentiments. Obviously your arguments are not about championing women’s rights or in fact human rights. I rest my case.

          • Ding ding ding! Godwin’s law has been proven once again.

            Not sure what Hitler or Stalin have to do with this, other than you are attempting to shut down debate. Me trusting women to make responsible choices about their bodies = I am a mass murderer like Hitler and Stalin. I bow before your superior reasoning and argumentation skills. You on the other hand are a true feminist for dictating to women what health choices they can make, as if they are chattel or some kind of subhuman.

          • Didn’t realize I needed a man to tell me what a true feminist is, but apparently I do. Let me assist you in a providing a brief female perspective of what it means. A true feminist is confident to speak out for what she believes in and not what society dictates. She is able to reach her true potential without any restrictions.She does not need to stay in an abusive relationship because there is no choice. She has dignity for herself and others. Supports each other’s choices if she decides to work or stay home with her children. So you can see there is plenty of choices. Do you get the idea? I suppose because I do not believe in causing harm to any living organism, or that I seek the truth, means that I do not understand what true feminism is but you certainly do. News flash! Many highly educated self fulfilled women view abortion as a barbaric act in a civilized society. Choosing death is never better than life. Whenever we have to hide the truth such as not examing Bill 312, it is because there is some disfunction we feel compelled not to bring to light. Otherwise we would not fear the truth of examination. Glad to see you have the ability to be conclusive in your reasoning.

          • As far as I am concerned, you’re a 22 year old man-child trolling on the internet for kicks.

            I am not the one who is trying to put women in chains–that’s you.

          • Too funny!! That’s all you’ve got?? Once again, you are so off the mark in what the truth is and have only exposed yourself to what your true intentions are. I guess this is what happens when your afraid to look at reality and have to resort with comebacks like Godwin’s theory, whch obviously didn’t hold much weight here. Hope your anger in life subsides and the truth will find you even if you keep trying to avoid it all costs. On the plus side you did provide me with a laugh!

          • Trolling…

          • Want to applaud “A true feminist” on her ability to think for herself and come up with sound reasoning on one of the most important bioethical issues today. I completely agree that if, as a society, we fail to bow to what is biologically true, and insist on trumping those truths with an insistence on our own will, that there can be no good outcome. As previous posts have cited, living in denial is not a healthy position for anyone, let alone a society at large.
            Let’s not be afraid of the truth – an unborn baby is exactly that.

            Rona Ambrose should be applauded for being one of the few politicians who have integrity and vote her conscience. Another “true feminsit” Bravo!

    • Sometimes a dental procedure hurts. Is that a reason to not see a dentist?

    • I’ll see your “almost committed suicide” and raise you “died in childbirth.”

      Then I’ll point out that the bets are meaningless because the plural of anecdote is not data.

  11. There is no rule that the minister of Status of Women must be in favour of killing babies.

    • So you’re in favour of women bleeding to death in back alleys (two can play this game)?

      • What game? There is no rule that the minister of Status of Women must be in favour of women bleeding to death in back alleys.

  12. Her rebuttal as to why she voted the way she did was disingenuous. This was not about gender selection and if it was, she should have done her homework. Since I work in the field I can say that the majority of surgical abortions are performed before 12 weeks. As well, it is very difficult to get an accurate ultrasound reflecting gender before 16 weeks. Bottom line: she used this as an excuse for an anti-abortion stance. If that is her personal belief, so be it. BUT as Minister for the Status of Women she should vote for women and not for Rona!