Rosie the Finance Minister -

Rosie the Finance Minister


In hindsight, the smartest thing Jim Flaherty said in the House when delivering the government’s fiscal update was this, a caveat offered immediately after he forecast economic growth of 0.3% in 2009.

“Given so much uncertainty, no one could unconditionally guarantee the fiscal projections contained in today’s statement.”

For the record, on the subject of economic growth, the Prime Minister said all of the following to ATV this week. “I suspect that 2009 will be a very tough year. I think we will see probably about zero growth, probably negative growth at the beginning of the year, hopefully a little better as the year goes on … I think we’ll just have to, I say in Canada, probably stick with a year of slow growth.”

“Negative growth” has to be one of the more remarkable phrases in politics. One for Andrew Sullivan’s semi-regular Orwellian watch.


Rosie the Finance Minister

  1. I thought ‘negative growth’ comes from economics.

  2. Only 440,000 Google hits on the term “negative growth,” limited to adjacent words by the quotes in the search. Orwellians, all, but at least a manageable number, I suppose.

  3. Makes one look forward to negative weight loss over the holidays.

  4. No, no, Dot-R: you mean negative weight gain. See, a double negative means — oh, never mind…

  5. “Negative growth”

    That would be a positive negativism, of the sort displayed by sweater persons.

    The Atlantic employs a Crook who disparages our raised in Canada hero, Malcolm Gladwell. Don’t buy the magazine! (snark)

  6. Once again Aaron Wherry displays his bias against the Conservatives with this vitriolic post marinating in hate.

  7. MYL – implicit in your aborted explanation is your assumption that I was not pulling a pw, and writing sarcastically.

    Nevertheless, to avoid getting into an endless argument with you over semantics, I consulted with two experts who happened to be online as well. Frank Luntz suggests I add a “not” at the right end of my sentence, whereas Noam Chomsky suggests I add a “not” at the left end.

    I couldn’t decide, and being Canadian, I did both.

    Hope this revised version is acceptable:

    Makes one not look forward to negative weight loss over the holidays. Not!

  8. Jeez, they’ll barely tolerate Krugman ’round these parts.

    Ain’t havin’ nothin’ ta do wit’ no Chomsky …..

  9. Dot-R, I do not withdraw any thank you for failing to not provide that clarification. I think.

  10. So then I said; “Now I shall ‘withdraw’ my love.”– an she sighed in disappointment — quite the unwelcome outcome.