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Ryan Leef Maverick Watch

A Conservative calls for an inquiry on missing and murdered aboriginal women


Despite the government’s general reluctance to convene an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women, Conservative MP Ryan Leef says it’s time to call one.

Leef joined the Native Women’s Association of Canada in calling for a national inquiry into the missing and murdered aboriginal women. “This is not an aboriginal issue,” he said. “This is not a territorial issue. This is a national issue.”

Applause greeted his announcement.

“We heard the stats loud and clear. And they are alarming,” he said.

And asked about this he asserts a rather reasonable understanding of representative democracy.

“It boils down to my role and responsibility as Yukon’s member of parliament to make sure that what I see as a loud and clear voice on this issue gets communicated effectively,” he said in an interview with iPolitics…

“I certainly don’t see myself stepping out against the party, against party lines or against my government,” he said. “This isn’t an issue where we’re arguing with one another, picking a fight at all. This is my recognition, my understanding that I have to represent my constituents who put me in Ottawa, and I fully appreciate that my colleagues, some will have different perspectives.”


Ryan Leef Maverick Watch

  1. Funny, with all the accusations about how the Tories are run from the top-down more than any other party, they also seem to be the only party where MP’s ever disagree with their leadership. But I wouldn’t want anybody to think for themselves instead of believing media talking points.

    • They also get kicked out for it… but strangely, those involved in crooked shenanigans get rewarded until such time as the heat becomes unbearable – see e.g. Penashue; Del Mastro; any number of senators (some of whom were given their seats in thanks for breaking the law on the CPC’s behalf)…