Save us, Your Excellency


Rick Mercer rants and calls on the Governor General.


Save us, Your Excellency

  1. It’s a long shot alright….somehow I can’t imagine the GG doing this.

  2. By all means, let’s have a royal commission except that let’s not limit it to robocalls, but also investigate incidences of Liberal supporters putting business addresses on their personal tax returns so they show up in the Deputy Prime Minister’s riding, rather than the one’s they actually live in (the same Deputy Prime Minister who was able to put up very expensive billboard advertising weeks before the actual election is called) and NDP campaigns being staffed by public sector unionistas on paid leave from their jobs and etc.etc etc.

    Better yet, let’s just defund the CBC.

    • Dean … is that you ?   Dean ?

    • I see deflection shields are at maximum.

    • A+. for sheer efficiency. You’ve managed to pack more boogiemen per square inch than I’ve ever seen here.

  3. Elections Canada is investigating.  They have unlimited resources. They certainly aren’t exactly “friends of Harper” like Zaccadelli was a “friend of Chretien” during Adscam.  JP Kingsley says they have the resources to do the job.

    Let EC do their job.

    • You mean the same Zaccadelli who allowed an RCMP investigation of the liberal FM to go forward at a crucial juncture of the electiion [ the liberals consequently lost, remember?] ; an investigation that eventually cleared the minister.
      The same Zaccadelli Harper rewarded with a sinecure back in Italy afterward – conveniently?

      See, anyone can play that stupid game. Better not throw stones when you live in a scummy glass fishbowl bud.

  4. it would also be awesome if he suddenly ordered the Afghan documents realeased!

  5. This is just about an argument for our own presidential figure head. Someone who actually could call for a “royal”commision.

  6. First line: “Like everyone else in Canada….”

    Therein lies the heart of the frustrations of today’s left.  They honestly believe that average Canadians sitting around their dinner tables, having to deal with life’s trials and tribulations, paying the mortgage, worrying about their jobs, their children’s educations, their parents’ long term elderly care, actually view the world through the same petty hyperpartisan prism that they do.

    A few hundred people got crank calls during the last election in which millions of people voted and Pa Mackenzie, who’s contemplating taking that early retirement buyout, is going to be sleepless over the robocalls because Bob Rae and Aaron Wherry say so?

    • Inference is that your team is of course above viewing the world through a petty hyperpartisan prism? You’re the guy who truly represents Pa Mackenzie. You care so much about his tribulations that you don’t think he should worry his little head about a couple of prank calls; you got his back eh Kody?
      If i thought you believed a word of your BS i’d think about moving to a country that elect govt’s who still care about pesky little things like voter suppression schemes – even the ones that don’t work or affect the election outcome; cuz it’s like, illegal. It’s a crime worthy of a couple of manditory years behind bars.

    • In your comment lies the frustrations of today’s right.  You believe that all Canadians would be content to live in a country where one can be attacked for their political opinions, get their  bake lines cut, have their homes covered with graffiti because of their political opinions.  You believe that all Canadians are willing to let political parties secretly collect personal data on all citizens for illegal purposes.  You believe that Canadians would be treated differently by the government or the authorities, according to their perceived political beliefs held in secret databases.

      AND you also believe that Canadians don’t sleep at night because the census guys may be ringing the door.

    • It’s nothing. They’re not coming to take away my rights, are they?

  7. The irony of this latest faux scandal that’s even now occupying a fraction of the headline space it did  a couple of weeks ago – now that it can be attributed to a political misfit and not some grand plan concocted by Harper in some conservative star chamber – is its affect on a potential real scandal down the road.

    Our hyperpartisans in the media apparently have forgotten the lesson in one of the most well known fables “the boy who cried wolf”.  Let us rename the story “the media that cried scandal.”  Perhaps one day the current government will be engaged in a misdeed of epic proportions in which the “scandal” label was a reasonable one.  The media will cry “scandal” just as they have every few months, slavishly following the opposition talking points.  Then what?

    Credibility, once eroded, is nearly impossible to get back.   The media has unwittingly given the conservatives a free pass.  No one cares about the incessant cries of “scandal” any more.

    And we are all worse off for it.

    • You’re right.

       We can’t allow the “credibility” of our democratic system to be ignored, or it will be nearly impossible to get back.Call the Royal Commission. 

    • Party above country forever and always, CPCers.

      The Harper government and the internet have spent the last decade showing us that there are, in fact, worse things in politics than ideologue extremsits.

    • Then what?

      I fully expect you to do your duty and stand your watch defending your country…er party to the bitter end son!

    • No one Us 1/3 of Canadians that support the CPC don’t care about the incessant cries of “scandal” any more if any sort of election fraud was committed, or even if the election was stolen.

      • Obviously you approve of brake slashing, graffitis, fraudulent phone calls and fraudulent spending.  You reward the nomination of self-proclaimed fraudsters to the Senate!  You may be right that one third of Canadians think it’s laudable to reward those who break the law for political gain.

      • That pretty well sums up the moral turpitude of Harper’s brigands. Steve Uber Alles.

    • Very well said, Ches.  The Wherrys and the Wherry sycophants have, among their many other issues, a problem with perspective.  Neither you nor I are denying the robocalls, if ECs investigation proves they actually happened, were a “bad thing”.  Neither you nor I would oppose changes and reforms to election laws to try to lessen the chance the same thing happens in the future.  Neither you nor I want any person ultimately determined to have breached any election law to go unpunished, up to and including Harper.

      The strident lefties on this board, however, ignore all that.  Their hatred of Harper and conservatives is so malign they have come to view this “scandal” as a crime against humanity.  I have no doubt that many would consider it to represent the one exception they’d be prepared to make to their otherwise strongly held conviction against capital punishment.  When it is pointed out to them, as you and I both have, that, in the greater scheme of things, the robocall “scandal” is pretty small beer, they howl even louder.  When examples are given to them that egregious election behaviour is party wide, they hurl invective back at you.

      Unfortunately, their influence over their political favourites is limited, otherwise Harper would stand a very good chance of being PM for life.

      • You need to take your own advice and dial back the rhetorical hyperpole…you’re indanger of exaggerating the response. One of us might feel so bad we’d go out and step in front of a bus…then imagine how bad you’d feel :)

      • Neither you nor I would oppose changes and reforms to election laws to
        try to lessen the chance the same thing happens in the future. Neither
        you nor I want any person ultimately determined to have breached any
        election law to go unpunished, up to and including Harper.


        • I guess I have to repeat myself. I probably shouldn’t feed a troll.

          That pretty well sums up the moral turpitude of Harper’s brigands. Steve Uber Alles. 

      • Perhaps you should speak for yourself, rather than deigning to speak on behalf of the “lefties” you obviously “hate” (to use your language).

        • Won’t make much difference, even when he speaks for himself it’s just sheer invention.

  8. Mercer’s proposal is beyond a long shot. 

    Every Royal Commission in Canada (there have been around 200) has always been
    appointed by the Governor-General-in-council under the terms of the Inquiries Act.
    “Governor-General-in-council” is another word for the Cabinet. The GG
    calling his own commission without the advice of his elected ministry would
    provoke a major constitutional crisis on the same level of the King-Byng affair
    in 1926 or the dismissal of PM Whitlam by the GG of Australia in 1975. 

    current GG, David Johnston, a constitutional expert (chosen at least in part because
    of the possibility of a minority coalition), would never in a million years
    rewrite 145 years of constitutional convention  – at least, not at this point. If Elections Canada were to find
    a smoking gun pointing to the invalidation of enough seats to tip the balance
    in the House and the government refuses to act, then maybe, just maybe, the GG
    might act. Right now, though, Mercer’s theory and the furor arising from it are
    off the mark.

    • Imagine how much fun it would be though if the GG conducted a satirical rant of his own every now and again.

  9. Discus double post – oh well, better not to waste any more bites on this particular blogpost

    • Freudian slip?

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