Savvy, sexy, stylish -

Savvy, sexy, stylish


The Hill Times has completed its survey of adjectives not normally associated with politicians. Larry Bagnell and Irwin Cotler have tied for worst-dressed male MP. I trust there will be some sort of runoff to settle that one.


Savvy, sexy, stylish

  1. The link works fine for me! No need to subscribe to the Hill Times.

    • Well either the link or the web page has been updated because when I clicked on it when the article first went up it asked me to subscribe or pay a one time fee to see the article. Thanks for bringing the change to my attention, I guessed that the author would have done so in order to update those of us who had visited the site earlier but I guessed wrong.

  2. I had no problem with the link. Who votes on this silly nonsense?

    • just the people who visited the blog before the link was changed.

  3. The prime minister on learning that he was voted worst sense of humour on the Hill …

    "Yes! Another win for the Stevester!"

    Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff 16.1%

    • This is actually kind of surprising to me. I remember seeing clips of Harper from the Parliamentary Press Gallery Dinner back when he was Leader of the Opposition, and even though I usually can't stand him, he was actually pretty funny…he did a great John McCallum impersonation.

      I swear that's meant to be a compliment.

  4. "Who's the best Cabinet minister in Question Period?
    Transport Minister John Baird 54.8%"

    Depends on what you mean by "best". More like: "the most appalling".