Says him anyway


Federal judge Robert Barnes rebukes the government’s policy toward Canadians facing the death penalty in other countries.

“Government policy cannot be created by a process as amorphous and unaccountable as the one followed here.”


Says him anyway

  1. Would that be the same Robert Barnes that Paul Martin put on the bench the day before his government fell?

    • Seems that way. PMPM sure did make a good choice, eh? That was a very fair and insightful decision the Justice made, don’t you think?
      And though it’s a little off-topic, seeing as you brought up the fall of Martin’s government, don’t you think it was quite brave and responsible of him, when he saw the writing on the wall, to properly accept his fate rather than self-servingly evade it as others might have done?

      • Agreed. For all of Martin’s bad behavior during the campaign, at least he had the grace to resign swiftly.

  2. Herringchoker:

    What are you suggesting? You might want to do a little more research…

    • Why I’m suggesting nothing untoward, of course.

      I just find the timing of certain appointments a bit curious.

      For 2005 the results were:

      Jan – April – 18
      May – 17
      Jun – Oct – 10
      Nov – 18

      I’m sure the distribution of appointments had nothing to do with the confidence votes against Martin in May and November.

      And, of course, nothing should be read into the fact that Mr. Justice Barnes was one of the nine appointments made in the week before Martin’s gov’t fell. It’s sheer coincidence of course.

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