Season of joy and love -

Season of joy and love


Excerpts from actual recent letters to the editor of Maclean’s:

“Once again, Paul Wells is completely right and Mr. Coyne is completely partisan. I’ll give Mr. Coyne this much credit, he certainly hates Canadian political institutions.” — CC, Port Dover, ON

“Could you please muzzle Paul Wells or at least put him somewhere in the back pages, so we won’t have to read his angry rant in the front of every issue? Talk about being an ideologue!!!” — ELM, no address

“Thank you so much for the article by Paul Wells in the Dec. 29/08 edition. His vitriolic Anti-Conservative diatribe warms the coccles of my heart (as Brent Butt would say). When Inkless Wells is so concerned about his fellow Socialists, I know things are not good for them.” — DC, Colborne, ON

“Wells is just as horrible an offender as Bill O’Reilly from Fox News, or Keith Olbermann on MSNBC. I can’t even stomach to listen to either of these guys.” — JJ, Stoney Creek, ON

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Season of joy and love

  1. It’s better to be loved/hated than completely ignored. You are obviously doing something right, Paul, if people who claim to dislike your writing take the time to complain.

  2. Did you only post the ones that were written in crayon?

  3. Is this representative of the proportions of mail with the same bent? Do 3 out of 4 letters which address the topic believe Wells to be a left-wing extremist? or are these simply the most choice?

  4. So I guess the goal of journalists is to piss off only 50% of the people all the time? Anyways, I wouldn’t worry too much about a letter writer who can’t spell: “cockles”.

    Wishing you all the best for the holidays, Paul!

  5. Mike T., they all seem to be in response to the issue where Andrew said the opposition was to blame for the recent madness and I, having basically flipped a coin, decided to pile on the government. That column was like Keith’s: those who liked it, liked it a lot. The rest seemed to have their laptops handy.

  6. Paul, you seem to be a big hit in small-town Ontario.

  7. Here’s what Peter MacKay has to say:
    “Stick to your knitting”

  8. Peasants and torches.

    In the interest of being ” fair and balanced ” a not-so-randomly selected sample of the Down-With-Coyne crowd would be fun too.

    I suppose it’s good that these correspondents are not inundating your blog posts.

    Or maybe they are.

  9. Customers, not peasants. We’re grateful for their time and care. And to be fair, DC seems well pleased with what he read.

  10. Have the Conservatives devoted an option of their “Letters to the Editor” auto-generator to you?

    (p.s. Thanks for the mulligan this morning. Merry Christmas.)

  11. Actually, is there any proof that each or all of those letters ISN”T authored by Andrew Coyne himself? :)

  12. Coccles and muscles, alive, alive oh!

  13. Whoa, déja vu. Did you guys change something?

  14. Paul only wishes he was as bad as Bill O’reilly

  15. It’s okay, Paul, we love you anyways.

  16. I went to Port Dover once. It’s a nice place.

  17. …….and all that “jazz”.

    Bill O’Reilly? I’ve missed something. I’ve never seen Paul Wells getting photo crews to follow anyone or fling his arms all over the place or yell, rant and scream. I always miss the good parts.

    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  18. Paul, you’re not seriously hauling out “if both sides hate me, we must be in the right”, are you?

    I’d figure that you’d be a bit smarter than the typical media attitude of “if one guy says the sky is blue, and the other that the sky is red, it must be purple”. Disappointment is a tragic thing.

  19. I intended no such argument, Demosthenes. I made no argument of any kind. And I could not have imagined anyone would be obtuse enough to read such an argument into a random selection of funny excerpts from letters. But I have long since learned that you’re hard to underestimate.

  20. As partisan as I am, I have enjoyed your non-partisan willingness to poke holes in whatever side of the political spectrum is being silly, inconsistent or just plain bone-headed. When it happens to be the side I favour I don’t enjoy it so much, but still appreciate your take on the situation.

    It’s a pity that the braying political animals of both sides take it so personally. Don’t take their comments personally. Take satisfaction that you have warmed their coccles. Nobody should have to suffer through a Canadian winter with cold coccles.

  21. I agree with Paul A. In fact, it is odd because most of the partisans generally disagree with many of the policies of their party, but they recognize it as the best fit. There seem to be too many who think their party hands down scripture in their positions, even when they are self-contradictory over short time periods.

  22. Paul,

    You and Andrew rock. GROUP HUG!!

  23. This is the thing that really aggravates me about people’s responses to the media coverage. People getting all uppity whenever a reporter actually tells it like they see it. The biggest problem with media coverage (of politics especially) is when reporters just list off each side’s talking points and give them equal credence, even when one side is making completely legitimate arguments and the other side is talking nonsense. That’s not unbiased reporting, that’s just a waste. Keep calling it as you see it Paul!