Second-hand Stephen Harper on #IdleNoMore -

Second-hand Stephen Harper on #IdleNoMore


APTN obtains notes taken during the Prime Minister’s meeting with First Nations leaders earlier this month.

Harper also discussed Idle No More, according to the notes, and said the general Canadian public was not supporting it. “Idle No More presents two realities. The first is the pressure felt by first Nations leaders. The second is the negative public reaction that this invokes,” according to notes on Harper’s statements during the meeting.

It also turns out that the Prime Minister is rather poetic behind closed doors.

The prime minister, however, told the gathered chiefs the relation between First Nations and Canada was essential for the country. “Our relationship lies at the heart of this country,” according to notes on Harper. “River analogy: moving down the river together-respectfully paddling in the same direction but must watch we do not get caught in the eddies.”


Second-hand Stephen Harper on #IdleNoMore

  1. what people fail to realize is that Harper is a punishment fetishist BENT on inflicting pain onto as many people as possible, while making money for his friends. if he thought he could get away with it, he could round up every native and cage them, then take the land a rape every cubic inch of it. it is likely what he would rather do, but he hasn’t got the manpower to pull it off. So he is getting china to do it for him….

    • God man you spend way too much time by yourself if you are that lonely and angry get a pet

    • I kind of feel sorry for people like you – to have let your hatred cloud your vision that you yourself can not see the bigotry and prejudice and ignorance in your own words – there is an old saying – every time you point your finger at someone there are three pointing right back to you!

    • Russell, get some therapy.

    • Harper Derangement Syndrome

  2. There is a consequence to this whole situation I am amazed with.. Being a contrarian and a Tory my comment should be placed in context however – since 2006 I have read CBC Web Forums and read many and I mean many posts about evil meanie stevie and how harper eats kittens and is a dictator etc etc etc!!!!! and the thumbs down any comment supporting him is in the hundreds if not on occasion thousands!!!!!!!!!! – BUT – after the meeting between Harper and Atleo I noticed something that his detractors are not going to like one bit !!!!! – I think that the opposition parties, unhappy AFN Chiefs and Spence and Palmeter and a good portion IDLE peoples are in for very depressing news !!! too many tried using this event for their own internal political agendas and self aggrandizing and as far as I can see there are only 3 winnners here (1) Harper (2) Atleo (3) the average canadian (which includes all labels, races, cultures, designations, genders etc!

    • Curious: if the “average canadian”( sic) includes “all labels, races, cultures, designations and genders etc” then just how is a non-average Canadian defined? Everyone ain’t average or else the word has no meaning. Are you basing this on income? Are you an average Canadian? Please note that this is not an attack, but an opportunity to clarify your muddy thoughts.

      • all equal case closed ! – if that isn’t clear enough then your thinly veiled diatribe attempting to portray my message as muddy – then it failed miserably and no doubt the thumbs will show such should other agree with me

        • I don’t thumbs-down anyone, but I do thumbs-up. I just asked you what you meant by “average Canadian.” Surprised the word “muddy” offended you. You must be a very sensitive soul, and therefore not average.

  3. It may be surprising to Wherry to see that Mr.Harper as a PM and as a decent human being, holds within a lot of common sense.

    What is surprising to me is that it took Wherry so long to take off his Harper-hate glasses.

    And how does it feel, Wherry, to see the world of Canadian politics as it really is……………………(now try and set Bob Rae, Tom Mulcair and Liz May into a common sense perspective………….and you shall finally feel free!..that would be the objective…….)

    • And, of course, you are naturally gifted with a clear-eyed view of each of the leaders ;)

  4. If the two National news networks had the intestinal fortitude to tell us the facts instead of jumping on the Idle No More band wagon it would be so much more enlightening.To listen to the likes of the CBC and CTV talking heads is embarrassing.Their personal dislike of the Harper government shows in every broadcast. As a loyal Canadian I believe these networks should be laying out facts. They knew of the dysfunctional accounting on Spence’s reserve but continued to give the NDP Charley Angus a platform for his propaganda. I hope the non natives in his riding will make him pay dearly in the next election.Thank God for social media and Sun TV.