Secretaries day


The Harper government has released the list of 28 parliamentary secretary appointments. I count eight new MPs: Eve Adams, Chris Alexander (who replaces Laurie Hawn at defence), Kerry-Lynne Findlay, Robert Goguen, Kellie Leitch, Chungsen Leung, Michelle Rempel and Susan Truppe.


Secretaries day

  1. I love how Del Mastro Motors was a company Dean co-founded. Nice stretch. I think momma put him on the papers as a tax avoidance/income splitting scheme….

  2. So that’s jobs for 67 Conservative MPs. 25 more will likely become committee chairs.

    • It’s obscene. 

  3. So this is what a “small” government looks like. I wouldn’t mind, but so far the Harper Cabinets have been nothing more than a PMO puppet show, with the “secretaries” being even more useless.

    I’d also just like to point out that the job of a secretary is to answer questions and table documents when the “Minister” is not available. Since it’s the policy of the CPC to do neither of these things, why bother with any at all?

    • Mo’ money for the gang.